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Sustainable Contribution for a Better World

Awarded for the pump related business, operation, or project which has made a significant contribution to sustainability, including the demonstratable delivery of a positive environmental impact, and working with the community to create a better world.




AESSEAL is delighted to sponsor the 'Sustainable Contribution for a Better Word’ category at this year's Pump Industry Awards, as it recognises the value and sheer importance of adopting strong sustainability practices throughout the operating processes of all businesses engaged in this essential sector of industry. Echoing its own commitment to maintaining ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly operations across its extensive portfolio of sealing solutions that improve reliability and help reduce energy consumption, AESSEAL looks forward to celebrating and rewarding sustainable engineering success at the gala awards ceremony.

entry criteria



To enter this award, the pump related business, operation, or project needs to have made a significant contribution to improved sustainability and in helping to create a better world. Information will be required on how resources have been used without overly diminishing those resources or causing environmental harm. Additionally, details will be required on how the delivery has had a positive impact to society, either local or farther afield, including economic growth, community work, regeneration, employment etc.


All entries must be submitted online. There is an option to save your entry and complete it at a later date, but please ensure your whole entry is submitted by the deadline date below.



Additional supporting evidence can be attached to the online entry form or emailed to . Images must be hi-res but must not exceed 10MB. Testimonials should preferably be on letter-headed paper or a time/date-stamped email with company signature, with a 250 maximum word count per testimonial. Datasheets, brochures or catalogues WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED so please refrain from sending these. Video links or links to external websites will also NOT be accepted.



All information will be treated confidentially & will only be circulated amongst the judges. Entries are judged on merit only, with no reference to external considerations.

closing date
The closing date for entry is
29th November 2024. Please note this date is final and will not be extended.


All entrants will be informed by email as to whether, or not, they have got through to the final stage of the process after the Judging session, in January.





  • Wayne Rose, BPMA

  • Gary Wilde, BPMA

  • Luke Farmer, AESSEAL

  • Richard McLachlan. CAPRARI & CALPEDA PUMPS

  • Tony Dashwood, CREST PUMPS

  • Chris Callander, FLOW MAG

  • Aaron Blutstein, PLANT & WORKS ENGINEERING

  • John Hollins, SPP PUMPS

  • Andrew Glover, WEG UK

  • Matthew Harris, WILO UK

  • Roisin Reidy, WORLD PUMPS

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