Environmental Contribution of the Year

Awarded for the pump product, system or service, which has made a significant contribution to environmental issues, such as energy savings, emissions control, noise reduction or life cycle costs.

Armstrong Fluid Technology: Armstrong Tango Parallel Pumping Solution

The Armstrong Tango parallel pumping solution reduces energy consumption by approximately 30% and also enables 100% standby to be replaced with parallel pumping, reducing embodied carbon by more than 50%. Two smaller pump heads in a common casing (each sized for as little as 50% design flow) can be specified. The wider operating range of each pump means around 70% of capacity can still be delivered if only one of the pumps is operational during maintenance.

  • Armstrong Fluid Technology: Armstrong Tango Parallel Pumping Solution

  • Peter Brett Associates, Stantec: Bells and Mocketts Pumping Station

  • Ru Well Systems: Scientific-Innovаtion Company

  • Siemens: Pump Blockage Protection for Anglian Water

  • Wilo UK: The K Series Borehole Pump

  • Xylem Water Solutions: HydroInfinity

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