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2022 Finalists


CDR Pumps: Solids Handling Mag Drive Pump

Reinvigorating the centrifugal pump industry, CDR Pumps has launched its solids handling mag drive pump. Until now, handling hazardous and toxic fluids with solid particles have traditionally been moved using mechanically sealed pumps with two seals and an external flushing system. The first of its kind to handle toxic and hazardous fluids that contain solid particles, the Solids Handling Mag Drive eliminates the need for additional systems and processes. 


Crest Pumps: EOV Chemical Resistant Pump Range

Crest Pumps’ new EOV (Efficiency Optimized Volute) corrosion resistant centrifugal pump range is an evolution of design improvements enabling a 15% increase in performance, whilst consuming 20% less power. Designed using the latest CAD flow simulation, the volute casing incorporates the optimum shape and cutwater clearances, whilst the impeller has the ideal combination of number, depth and shape of vane that improves efficiencies up to 35% with increased flowrates and pressures, whilst using less power.

DAB Pumps: Esybox Max

Esybox Max is a brand-new concept and industry first, designed for the commercial market. It is an integrated cold water booster set, ideal for hospitals, hotels and apartments. Each pump has a pressure capability of 11.3 bar and a flow rate potential of 4.8 litres per second. Compact and energy-efficient, this modular design is easy to install and has integrated WiFi that makes maintenance from your home, phone or laptop easy.

ITT: i-ALERT Total Machine Health Monitoring System with Gateway and Diagnostics

Introduced in late 2020, the i-ALERT total machine health monitoring system provides an industry-leading solution with Gateway and Automated Diagnostics. The proprietary sensor is a cost-efficient and highly accurate vibration monitor for rotating equipment, with Bluetooth communication, a mobile app and scalability for automated remote monitoring through the i-ALERT Gateway. The i-ALERT2 sensor can easily and concurrently provide data to the mobile app or the web Ai Platform without users manually collecting data.

John Crane: Type 8648VRS Seal with NPSS Technology

The Type 8648VRS Non-Pusher Secondary Seal (NPSS) is a unique technology that replaces traditional O-rings with an elastomeric sealing element. This revolutionary seal design eliminates fretting and hang-up caused by pump shuttling and increases seal life. NPSS-enabled seals were first launched in 2017 and there are now more than 1,200 installations. John Crane has continued to grow this family of products, completing the range in 2021 with the dual-pressurized Type 8648VRS and the dry-running Type 8648SC Secondary Containment Seal. 


Stuart Turner: Aquaboost iMatic

The Aquaboost iMatic cold-water pressure and flow boosting solution utilises high quality pumps combined with intelligent variable speed controls to solve the problem of poor water pressure in multiple applications. Simple to commission and ready to go. The range of integrated systems feature WRAS approved materials and include an AG (air gap) within the tank design. With tank capacities ranging from 400 litres to 1200 litres, this range offers an ideal solution to water pressure and flow boosting needs. iMatic integrated systems also feature intuitive easy-to-navigate control panels with status indicators, BMS volt free contacts and easy commissioning.

Vyoda: Solar Water Pumping System

Vyoda has developed the world’s first solar-based positive displacement, piston-driven tube-well submersible pump, set for irrigation. Its patented technology enables it to pump water in both directions of piston movement, offering an unmatched wire-to-water efficiency of 70%. With products ranging between 2.2kw-5.5kw, Vyoda pumps are designed with upto a 125m head, meeting the demands of most farmers. Its innovative design delivers more water per watt of solar power, making it more affordable to farmers.

Watson-Marlow: Qdos® CWT™ Peristaltic Chemical Metering Pumps

The Qdos CWT peristaltic chemical metering pump from WMFTG offers the advantages of a peristaltic pump, with significantly longer service life designed in. While a conventional peristaltic tube is compressed flat via plastic deformation, the CWT pumphead incorporates an EPDM element which is elastically compressed against a PEEK track. This reduces material stress and fatigue providing longer service life, reduced maintenance and less plant disruption.


WEG: Motion Fleet Management System

Based on “cloud computing technology”, WEG Motion Fleet Management makes it possible to know the operational status of motors, drives (inverters and soft-starters), gearboxes, compressors and pumps across all industrial applications. Data collected is processed and analysed to help with preventative maintenance to reduce breakdowns and optimize application efficiencies, helping to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the fleet.

Wilo: K10 Borehole Pump

The K10 is the first Wilo product designed from scratch to be climate neutral. It’s a versatile solution for efficient raw water intake & drinking water supply, with a best-in-class pump efficiency of up to 88.2%. The design & manufacturing process saw a 74% reduction in machining time, 90% reduction in CO² embedded in the final product, and 86% reduction in waste material.

ST JPG.jpg

Baker Hughes: Leaching Pumps for Strategic Gas Storage

Six Baker Hughes multistage super-duplex pumps are the core of Botas' gas storage expansion project, to leach #34 new caves by high pressure water. The caves to store natural gas are located approximately 1.000 mt below the surface of the Tuz Golu salt lake (Turkey) and require Baker Hughes’ reliable and flexible pumping systems. The project is designed to meet the growing demand for natural gas, securing energy for the country.

Bedford Pumps: Fish Friendly Axial Flow Concrete Casing Pumps for Islington Pumping Station

Bedford Pumps developed ground-breaking fish friendly axial flow concrete casing pumps, along with a unique formed suction intake, for a new high-capacity pumping station in the Islington catchments. The intake allows for incredibly low operating water levels on site and the combined design of the pumps and intake significantly reduced both excavation costs and timescales. The highly efficient pumps provide protection for 1 in 100 year flood level storm conditions, protecting 9,700 hectares and safeguarding eels and elvers.

Campion Pumps: Donabate Foul Pumping Station

Campion’s complete service offering results in the seamless design and fit out of a highly efficient foul pumping station. Campion provided complete project delivery for the design, install and commissioning of a foul pumping station with 600,000 litres storage capacity, 3 x variable speed pumps, to serve extensive suburban area development with zero gravity to mains at Donabate, Co. Dublin. Pump efficiency was a critical element to the design, as well as capacity to support high usage of a suburban development. A key innovative element of this project was the implementation of Campion Connect cloud-based SCADA monitoring system.

Crest Pumps: Safe, Reliable and Energy Efficient Sulphuric Acid Transfer

A bank of mag-drive pumps for 96% Sulphuric Acid transfer were constantly being repaired and not performing well. Crest Pumps applied its certified pump system auditor training to conduct a survey, enabling the company to identify the cause of failure. Crest Pumps’ recommendations were implemented by the customer saving thousands in repair, and a significant 20% reduction in energy consumption, as efficient pumps operating near their B.E.P were also installed.

DPS: NRPH3 Project with BSG & NIW - Large Scale Modular Pumping Systems

A first of its kind project for Northern Ireland Water, safeguarding long-term water security for the population of the Northwest region. Challenging the current asset standard through responsively designed, modular pumping stations delivered collaboratively and mainly off-site, reducing capital spend for the client and creating a model which can be replicated across the network to provide a mobile plant that can be repositioned to meet network or emergency demands.

SPP Pumps: Re-Engineering of a Large 53-Year-Old Splitcase Pump

A 53-year-old pump weighing 5.2 ton, in a poor state with severe leakage from various locations and with original parts no longer available was presented. SPP proposed to manufacture a complete pump by re-engineering the existing pump, assuring to match the pumps dimensions & hydraulic performance. Using laser scanners and 3D printing, a replacement pump identical to the original made, was engineered without any civils & complicated pipework modifications, resulting in a tremendous cost saving to the customer.

Sulzer: Lean Amine Pump Repair

Sulzer completed a pump impeller repair using laser metal deposition to return the Super Duplex component back to its factory dimensions. As part of a larger pump repair project, the impeller refurbishment was completed inside two weeks, ensuring a rapid and cost-effective overhaul. As the process has been detailed during the initial repair, any subsequent restorations can be completed in just one week – the customer has already selected this process for a sister pump.


Bedford Pumps: Fish Friendly Axial Flow Concrete Casing Pumps for Islington Pumping Station

Bedford Pump’s ground-breaking fish friendly axial flow concrete casing pumps have provided Islington Pumping Station with future-proof reliability from flooding. The pumps provide protection for 1 in 100 year flood level storm conditions, and can pass 1.4 billion litres of water per day safeguarding 9,700 hectares of properties, roads and agricultural land. The pumps provide high efficiencies with exceptional solids handling capabilities including floating debris, and are proven to safely pass eels and elvers without mortality.


CDR Pumps: Solids Handling Mag Drive Pump

Handling hazardous or toxic fluids with solid particles has always been a challenge for industry - mag drive pumps are known for their zero-vapour loss capabilities, and mechanical seal pumps are designed to leak. CDR Pumps' solids handling mag drive pump is the first of its kind to combat both challenges giving you zero-vapour loss pump with no leaking, reducing environmental contamination and improving the safety of your people. 

Crest Pumps: Pump System Audit combined with High Efficiency EOV Pumps

Crest developed the EOV corrosion resistant centrifugal pump range that enable a 15% increase in performance whilst consuming 20% less power. Proven by extensive testing, the EOV volute casing incorporates the optimum shape and cutwater clearances, whilst the impeller has the ideal vane that improves efficiencies by up to 35%, as well as offering BPMA certified pump system audits identifying areas of opportunity to increase system efficiency and reduce energy consumption.


HMD Kontro: CSA/CSI Range of Magnetic Drive Sealless Pumps

The new CSA/CSI range of magnetic drive sealless pumps maximises reliability and safety, improving energy efficiency while generating lifetime cost savings through its modular construction. Total containment prevents leaks and escapes of pumped product to atmosphere, protecting the environment against harmful emissions. Unique new features include the ZeroLoss non-metallic containment shell, saving energy by eliminating induction losses and secondary control or secondary containment options, offering even further confidence and surety in the safe handling of hazardous, corrosive, or toxic liquids.

Stuart Turner: Instruction Manual Paper Reduction and The Tree Council Partnership

Stuart Turner have been working to improve their environmental contributions, continuously working to review and revise processes as part of their Environmental Management System, with the aim of conforming to ISO 14001:2015 requirements. Alongside this, their partnership with The Tree Council has seen them contribute to the planting of 500 trees and 100 meters of hedgerow across the UK. They have also reduced paper usage by more than 6 tonnes across core product ranges, by moving to digital installation and maintenance guides. As well as staff safety, Stuart Turner’s main motivators are to reduce their carbon footprint and operate more sustainably, by working to reduce any negative impact they might have on the environment.

Wilo: The Wilo K Series - Broken Scar (Northumbrian Water)

The Wilo K Series was installed at Northumbrian Water’s Broken Scar site which supplies the city of Darlington 8.8 million litres of water per day, operating 24/7. The ZETOS borehole pump was chosen to replace existing pumps thanks to its high efficiency and long lifespan, as well as predicted operational and C0² savings. The new pump reduced the cost per million litres of pumped water by 47% and has demonstrated a tenfold reduction in wear rate.


Apex Pumps

The team at Apex Pumps is really proud of the work it has done throughout the pandemic supporting critical industries. Apex Pumps agility to support customer requirements is a testament to the knowledge and skill of the team. "It is an honour to be a Finalist in the Pump Industry Awards 2022, showcasing the best this critical industry has to offer."

Atlas Copco Power Technique

The Atlas Copco pump manufacturing facility is based in Padua near Venice, Italy, and came to the Atlas Copco group from the acquisition of Varisco in 2015. The facility employs over 135 people and was incorporated in 1932 as the Varisco brand.  Varisco was known around the world for the design and manufacture of high-quality pumps used by a wide range of customers. The pumps are typically used to remove unwanted water or other liquids in the construction, mining, and oil and gas industries; they are also used in industrial process plants and for emergency services in case of floods, meeting the bespoke needs of all customers.

Crest Pumps

Crest Pumps have technical expertise and experience from 49-years of specialising in corrosion resistant pumps. They have full manufacturing capabilities in the UK, allowing them to easily customise to an exact specification, and often within tight deadlines. Every Crest Pump receives lifetime support, meaning if there’s ever an issue, they guarantee to find a solution and get the pump running effectively again as quickly as possible.

Salamander Pumps

Investment in the production facility coupled with a strong focus on customer experience has enabled Salamander Pumps to continue to meet customer needs throughout the pandemic. Whether it was a single pump or a pallet full, Salamander have continued to supply on time and in full, whilst keeping staff safe with stringent Covid protocols.

Stuart Turner

Stuart Turner has been designing and manufacturing products on the same site in Henley-on--Thames since 1906. Having undertaken a massive step change in the approach to market following a Management Buyout in 2017, the giant of the residential water boosting world has expanded product portfolio into HVAC, commercial cold water boosting and waste water, with strategic acquisitions such as Fluid Water Solutions and Mikrofill Systems – continuing to pursue the ambitions of becoming a complete water solutions provider.

Wilo UK

Wilo offers flexible lifecycle support which provides customers with financial security and operational reliability. Customers receive competent and professional advice from Wilo and get customised advice and support. Wilo works with all the UK major water companies, and this is thanks to the team’s expertise and product knowledge. As well as this, sustainability is at the top of Wilo's agenda and this is reflected in its new headquarters and production factory ‘Wilopark’ which is already climate neutral.

ST JPG.jpg

Campion Pumps

Campion have been providing innovative pumping solutions for over 30 years. Renowned for engineering ingenuity, responsiveness and a collaborative approach Campion provides first-rate service to its customers across multiple industries. Offering emergency service 365-days a year and stocking over €1millon in pumps and accessories from various manufacturers allows Campion to provide a broad range of support to its customers. Campion’s hardware agnostic online monitoring system and servicing app, Campion Connect, provides both customer and Campion full visibility of water systems, allowing clients to better plan service schedules and know within minutes when they have on site problems. Campion offers clients real solutions to their pumping problems and turn complex issues into simple and affordable solutions.


Flowtech Water Solutions

Flowtech Water Solutions continue to evolve, shown recently by opening a training academy that will support the Flowtech team but will also provide customer training courses on Water Hammer, Surge Protection, Best Practice training and all things water services. Flowtech also continues to develop its after-sales team FLOWCARE with engineers with many years of experience within the pumping industry. The FLOWTECH promise, knowledge, expertise, ability.

Seal & Pump Engineering

Seal and Pump Engineering is a family-run, technical engineering company, servicing the industrial, food and beverage and brewing sectors. It is the UK’s largest distributor of Vulcan seals, Industrial Partner for Grundfos and represent and distribute all major pump brands, including having its own range of small hygienic pumps and in-house workshop for repairs.


Tomlinson Hall & Co

Founded in 1919, Tomlinson Hall has vast expertise in the pump industry – and a proud history of innovation. A joint-founding member of the Pump Distributors Association (PDA), Tomlinson Hall is an approved global distributor of a wide range of leading pump brands, working with high profile clients in the UK and in overseas markets, including Europe, the Middle East, N.America, S.America and Asia. It also manufactures its own innovative liquid ring vacuum pump, Liquivac, which has numerous applications in sectors including desalination, chemical processing, utilities, land remediation and food and drink processing.



ABB is committed to its sustainability strategy 2030. Its recently announced Energy Efficiency Movement sets out a range of technologies and innovations for motor-driven technology that will be crucial in meeting the UK government’s target of Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050. ABB is the only manufacturer offering a complete range of SynRM motors at ultra-premium IE5 efficiency levels - delivering far superior energy performance when compared to equivalent IE2 and IE3 induction motors.



Amcanu have been masters of metal for more than 40 years. They specialise in building world-class industrial enclosures, designed to achieve effective sound attenuation whilst maintaining optimum performance of equipment. Their design experience and engineering skill means they balance the space needed for better attenuation, with the airflows required to optimise performance.


Atlas Copco Power Technique

Atlas Copco is a world-leading provider of sustainable productivity solutions. The company was founded in 1873 and is based in Stockholm, Sweden, with a global reach spanning more than 180 countries. Atlas Copco serves its customers with innovative compressors, vacuum solutions and air treatment systems, construction and mining equipment, and pumps and generators. Atlas Copco develops products and services focused on productivity, energy efficiency, safety, and ergonomics, showing its commitment to providing a world class service and supply to customers.


John Crane

John Crane is a global leader in rotating equipment solutions, supplying engineered technologies and services to process industries through a network of more than 200 sales and service facilities in over 50 countries. Innovative products and services, such as John Crane Diamond®, support current and future industry needs by increasing efficiency and reducing environmental impact. In 2021, John Crane announced the expansion of its Indonesia service capabilities with a new dry gas seal inspection Service Center in Jakarta as part of its commitment to strengthening the company’s service capabilities for customers around the world.



Releasing several free apps, including the “Data viewer app”, WEG has helped its customers gain access to product information through a QR code attached to the product or via serial number access, allowing engineers to have information at their fingertips. The “Eco Drive app” demonstrates the efficiencies and losses of drives and motors to help make more informed decisions. Due to the large stock holding in the UK and across Europe, WEG has been able to continue its excellent service throughout the pandemic.



ABB: ABB Motion Motors and Drives Training Courses

ABB is passionate about education and has for several years offered more than 30 free-to-attend training courses to help customers in all industries to improve the performance, reliability and productivity of motor-driven applications. Its courses have allowed customers, even throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, to benefit from ABB’s vast reserves of knowledge and expertise on a range of subjects relating to motor and pump efficiency.


CDR Pumps: Ashley Fenn

To raise awareness, improve the lifespan of pumps, and maximise plant efficiency, CDR Pumps have been providing reliability focussed training on centrifugal pumps for several years.  By giving engineers insight into understanding correct operation of pumps, how to improve plant reliability, and improve efficiency, attendees go on to trouble-shoot common problems on site before they escalate, reducing downtime, and prolonging the operation of your fluid handling solutions. 


EKKI Pumps: The EKKI International Water Technology Centre

EKKI is one of India’s advanced Pumps and Water Technology providers and has an International Joint Venture Alliance with HOMA Pumps of Germany. EIWTC, an initiative of EKKI, is a global Centre of Excellence for pumps & water-related technologies. The Centres established in Indian Universities will lead to the exchange of best practices in teaching, consulting and research for the pump industry. EIWTC will strengthen partnerships between academia and industry to promote a more sustainable water future for all.


EMiR: EMiR-Learning

The pandemic quickly changed the way we all worked and highlighted the need to accommodate home working. EMiR Software responded swiftly to this need and developed the eMiR-Learning Platform, an online learning solution designed and dedicated for its customer base. Eleven Learning Modules have now been created and allow users to log in anywhere and at any time, to ensure that their skills and training levels are kept to an optimum. The eMiR Learning Platform now boasts over 150 users, 225 certificates have been issued and it continues to grow.


Salamander Pumps: Ken Vance

This is a posthumous nomination.
As training manager for Salamander Pumps, Ken Vance took it upon himself to revolutionise the way the training was delivered. He developed the ‘Salamander E-school’ on the Moodle platform, which is widely used by colleges, re-sellers, and installers, to ensure that training on Salamander’s products is as accessible and widely-used as possible. Using clever animations, the course offers a more interactive and interesting way to learn.


Sulzer: The Sulzer Academy for Pumps and Systems - Bespoke Online Course

To deliver detailed and engaging training in remote areas or countries with travel restrictions, Sulzer has incorporated interactive digital elements into its pump training programme. These include 3D animations, immersive augmented reality, and live quizzes. These innovative techniques help customers achieve in-depth familiarisation of their pumps, which in turn ensures the machinery is operated safely, efficiently and reliably. The digital content is presented live online or in-person, and has been well-received with excellent feedback.

WP 200.jpg

Liam Blackshaw, ABB

Liam Blackshaw is UK Drives Product Manager within the Motion division at ABB. His career has seen a rapid rise, gaining expertise in a range of disciplines and roles in a short space of time. Liam is an excellent example of ABB’s commitment to investing in outstanding young talent. He is a respected voice both within the company and in the industry at large, and ABB considers him to have an extremely bright future.


Colm Scott, Campion Pumps

Colm Scott joined the Campion team in 2017. He has shown exceptional drive and ambition by immersing himself in the industry, learning and understanding the products and rising through the ranks to Sales Manager. In 2019, Colm found his sweet spot for large foul projects and set his sights on growing Campion's Foul Project division. In 2021, he qualified as a Certified Project Management Associate (CPMA) and has positioned Campion amongst the industry leaders in the provision of water and wastewater systems to the construction sector, elevating its status within the sector.


Kanishka Arumugam, EKKI Pumps

Kanishka Arumugam is the CEO of EKKI Water Technology group. EKKI is one of India’s advanced Pumps and Water Technology providers and has an International Joint Venture Alliance with HOMA Pumps of Germany. Currently pursuing his MBA from the University of Oxford with a focus on Sustainability, Arumugam has a Masters from the University of Warwick in Engineering Business Management. He is passionate about making globally competitive pumps from India and transforming EKKI to a developed company, from a developing country.


Jack Sheard, Fluid Water Solutions

Jack Sheard has taken the opportunity from the age of 17, to not only learn the company, but also the commercial cold water boosting industry, and he has forged excellent working relationships with key players within the industry. Jack has shown continuous interest in further developing his knowledge and skillset. Fluid Water Solutions are passionate about supporting and encouraging training for both personal growth, as well as professional.



Winner to be announced on the night of the Awards

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