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2023 Finalists


ABB: SynRM IE5 Motor & Drive Package

ABB first introduced its IE4 SynRM motor in 2011, combining the performance of permanent magnet motors with the simplicity and user-friendliness of induction motors. ABB’s new IE5 ultra-premium SynRM motor offers up to 40% lower energy losses, with significantly lower energy consumption and CO₂ emissions, compared to equivalent IE3 induction motors. With its latest generation IE5 SynRM, ABB is helping to usher in a new era of efficiency, sustainability and reliability in electric motor technology.


The Armstrong DEPM range makes the energy efficiency and connectivity advantages of large commercial-scale pumps available on smaller pumps for use in single-phase applications. Compared to conventional ECM circulators or pumps with loose drives and standard induction motors, Armstrong’s new DEPM pumps provide up to 30% operating cost savings, with increased variable speed efficiency, and the option of real-time performance monitoring and parallel pumping.

ARO: EVO SERIES™ Electric Diaphragm Pump

ARO, a brand of Ingersoll Rand, has launched its latest innovation in pumping technology, the EVO Series Electric Diaphragm Pump. The EVO’s design and features, provide all the benefits of Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps, plus the efficiency and control of Positive Displacement Pumps. High efficiency, true deadhead capability, seal less design, leak detection and containment, increased inlet pressure capability, reduced pulsation, combined with a fully integrated drive system, the EVO is the new solution to difficult pumping applications.

BAKER HUGHES: Water Injection Centrifugal Pump

Diffuser pump for water injection covers a dominant role in FPSO operations. BH can deliver this compact, state of the art and efficient pump model to vessel operators, completing the portfolio which includes boosters, water circulations and high-pressure oil flowline pumps. The multistage layout is double casing and exploits the “power density” concept. The barrel is super-duplex forged and achieves 300bar+, the rotor is single line arranged. The cartridge design is “pull-out” and shear rings are used to fix it in place. Several hydraulic selections are available, combining the highest achievable efficiencies and flexible operations. The pump can be motor directly driven or via gearbox, achieving 10MW and above.


By serving the IE4 EC motor range (complete motor + drive efficiency), Brook Crompton takes the lead in the field of EC Motors, by verifying efficient system sustainability and quick ROI with the current shortest lead time on the market. Thanks to this new range, Brook Crompton consolidates its leadership in the pump motor market in Europe.

Brook Crompton is part of the Wolong Group.

FLUX PUMPS: Viscopower

The new Flux Viscopower replaces their highly successful 500 series vertical progressive cavity barrel pump. These portable pumps smoothly transfer high viscosity materials (<100,000 mPas) from drums and IBC containers. Key design objectives were increased performance and less moving parts for easier and quicker dismantling and cleaning. Dismantling can be undertaken in 30 seconds, without special tools. The modular design offers multiple motor, gearbox, stator, rotor and seal combinations for almost any application.

JOHN CRANE UK: Global Standardized Upstream Pumping Support System

The Global Standardized Upstream Pumping Support System (GS USP) is an optimized, pre-engineered design that significantly reduces specification review and delivery schedules, providing unpressurized barrier water for optimal mechanical seal performance and reliability. It supports a dual mechanical seal using John Crane's Upstream Pumping (USP) face technology by controlling the continuous supply of clean water. The clean water is supplied to the seal at low pressure, where it is pressurized as it passes across the seal faces lubricating the seal.

JOHN CRANE UK: MPF - Automated Backflush High-Flow Filter

The Multipurpose, Automated Backflush, High-Flow Filter (MPF) is an automatic self-cleaning filter, designed to prevent contamination problems by effectively removing suspended solids from process water from coarse particles down to very low levels. Highly effective metallic media and automated systems provide a constant supply of cleaned water up to very high flow rates of 800 l/min (210 gpm) as well as automatic backwashing with simultaneous forward filtration. It promotes water conservation efforts in plants with the capability to treat contaminated recycled water.


TapBoost is a single outlet booster pump designed to boost water flow up to 7-11 (max) l/min depending on incoming flow rate. This pump is suitable for both mains and gravity fed systems and can be installed on various applications throughout the home including the bathroom tap, kitchen tap, toilet cistern and washing machine. It can be used to deliver a quicker bath fill, increased flow to the kitchen tap and faster toilet replenishment.

WILO UK: Wilo-Actun ZETOS-K12 Borehole Pump

Launched in 2022, the Wilo-Actun ZETOS-K12 borehole facilitates raw water extraction and the delivery of drinking water, and any high-volume water transfer. In terms of product innovation, Wilo has optimised manufacturing, with a revised design using new technology and materials, reviewing and reducing embodied carbon, improving hydraulic optimisation, and material engineering to achieve more resilience in operation.  The ZETOS K12 is sustainably manufactured in a climate neutral factory and offers substantial savings in terms of energy and capital costs.

ST JPG.jpg

ABB: Glendevon Project

A pilot hydroelectric scheme at a Scottish reservoir is providing enough renewable electricity to power some 100 homes, while also helping to control reservoir flow. A solution comprising an ABB reversible-pump turbine, generator, and regenerative variable speed drive helped to generate over 113,000 kWh of electricity within the first three months of operation, achieved in part by repurposing existing infrastructure. The project presented significant technical challenges, requiring innovative solutions from ABB and its partners.

APEX PUMPS: Hindås Waterworks Project

Apex Pumps partnered with Zander and Ingeström have delivered an innovative pumping solution for the new water treatment plant at Hindås. The project has been designed to secure and increase the handling of drinking and wastewater for the beautiful eastern part of Härryda province in Sweden. The pumps on the water treatment project are unique because they have been designed with a new innovative vertical system designed for rigidity, noise minimisation, ease of service, minimised energy resource, safety, very small footprint and with flood damage prevention integrated.

BAKER HUGHES: Northern Lights CO2 Pumping Storage

Northern Lights is the world's first open-source CO2 transportation and storage infrastructure, helping to develop a full-scale CCS value chain in Norway. This provides realistic decarbonization opportunities for European industries in helping to stop industrial emissions that cannot be avoided by other means. In line with its energy transition journey, BH proposed a quick and flexible solution to accommodate the start-up case at 142 bar(g) and the design case at 87 bar(g) delivery pressure. Capable of pumping CO2 at -30°C, the package combines booster and export pumps driven by VSDs. The technology was shipped in 3Q2022, and the project phase one will be completed in mid-2024, achieving 1.5 MTPA CO2 storage capacity.

SULZER: Retrofit of Five Membrane Feed Pumps for a Desalination Plant

Sulzer recommissioned a desalination plant with a new solar installation, aiming to reduce costs and resources by improving the efficiency of major equipment. The company re-engineered five pumps feeding the desalination membranes, optimizing pump efficiency, and reducing energy requirements. All pumps now operate at their Best Efficiency Point, saving on the solar plant's running cost. Sulzer can also supply all spare parts and tested the first pump to ensure performance to specification.


ABB: Glendevon Reservoir Hydroelectric Project

A hydroelectric generation solution, comprising a reversible-pump turbine, generator and regenerative variable speed drive supplied by ABB, is providing clean renewable energy to some 100 homes near Glendevon reservoir in Scotland. Within three months of operation, the solution generated over 113,000 kWh of electricity, equivalent to 93 tonnes of CO2 annually. Following the scheme’s success, operator Scottish Water has already identified a further 25 sites where renewable energy solutions can help to offset energy usage.


AES Engineering went beyond Net Zero in 2021, with its global business activities delivering CO2e savings equivalent to more than 18 million trees. In what may be a first for a major engineering company, BSI has verified that the company’s activities generated CO2e savings of 464,000 tonnes, resulting in a net benefit of 375,000 tonnes of CO2e. AES Engineering has committed to invest an additional £29m by 2029 to reduce their impact on the environment globally.


Hayley 247 Engineering Services provides a specialist reconditioning and repair service for all types of industrial gearboxes and pumps, with a lifting capacity of up to 50 tonnes combined with a general machining and repair facility and incorporating on-site services that are all available 24/7. Hayley 247 specialises in providing a comprehensive range of reactive and planned mechanical engineering services to a broad range of industry sectors.

STUART TURNER: Monsoon & Showermate - Digital Installation Manual

Stuart Turner have taken a significant, environmentally beneficial initiative in the supply of its market leading Monsoon and Showermate pumps. Instead of supplying every unit with a with a printed copy of the installation manual, it now provides simple QR code links to online digital documents. The change was implemented in October 2021 and has already led to the saving of 8 tonnes of paper and print and an estimated saving of over 30 tonnes over the next five years.


As nations strive towards net zero focusing on green and renewable energies of tomorrow, it is critical that the fuels of today are delivered in the safest and cleanest ways possible. The LMV-801S pump provides enhanced environmental protection and safety with complete fluid containment and zero product leakage, along with lower total lifecycle costs through increased reliability and reduced spares consumption, providing a sealless upgrade solution for many potentially harmful sealed pump installations.


Water Powered Technologies are the designers and manufacturers of the Papa Pump and the larger scale Venturo Pump, both of which pump water to great heights and over long distances without the use of fuel or electricity! Papa pumps are designed to be installed and maintained by the end users, with full guidance and tools supplied. Papa pumps have been utilised in many sectors, ranging from small holder farming to communal water supplies and more!


WILO UK: Wilo-Actun ZETOS-K12 Borehole Pump

The Wilo-Actun ZETOS-K12 is the default borehole choice for providing drinking water across all of Wilo UK’s major contracts with water companies – the appeal being a lower capital investment, higher efficiency and lower running costs, and a pump that’s manufactured in a climate neutral production facility. A recent borehole upgrade for a well-known water company, is projected to reach overall efficiency of 75% (84% hydraulic and 89% motor efficiency) and carbon reduction of c.7,000 MTCO2e over its 10-year life cycle.



Apex Pumps is proud to be a British manufacturer.  Having been recognised at the 2022 Pump Industry Awards, it has continued to develop its British manufacturing capabilities, with design innovation at the heart of everything it does. Apex Pumps is proud of the important role its pumps play in so many industries right across the globe.



Unplanned downtime destroys profits and reputations. Crest Pumps makes sure you never have to worry about this again. As a British manufacturer of chemical resistant pumps, it understands the cost of unplanned downtime. When Crest Pumps put their name on a pump, they make a serious commitment to give customers lifetime support for pumps to last, in the most corrosive of environments. “It’s what we’ve done for the last 50-years and will continue to do so for the next.”



SPP Pumps is a leading global manufacturer of centrifugal pumps and systems. For more than 140-years, the company’s robust and trusted engineering has delivered critical performance across diverse industry applications including oil and gas, water, power generation, construction, mining and fire protection. SPP uses some of the most advanced technology in the world to innovate, design, simulate, evaluate, refine and manufacture world-class products for its customers. SPP Pumps – For where it really matters.


Stuart Turner has been designing and manufacturing products, on the same site in Henley-on-Thames, since 1906. Having undertaken a massive step change in approach to market, the giant of the residential water boosting world has expanded its product portfolio into HVAC, commercial cold water boosting and waste water, with strategic acquisitions such as Fluid Water Solutions, Mikrofill Systems and most recently, Aquatronic Group Management (AGM) – continuing to pursue the ambition of becoming a complete water solutions provider.



Sustainability is at the very core of Wilo. The company works with many well-known nations helping them to work towards their environmental goals by proving the real energy and carbon savings that can be achieved by upgrading pump equipment. A large majority of Wilo UK’s product range is manufactured in one of three climate neutral production facilities across Europe and the company continues to be a sustainability pioneer with the recent opening of a green hydrogen powerplant at its HQ in Dortmund.

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BPS Pumps is a small, yet growing company offering problem solving solutions to everyday pump requirements. From a simple o’ring, gasket, seal or seal kit, to a pump installation, overhaul and/or other onsite services, BPS Pumps has the knowledge and experience to match the needs across all sections of the pumping industry.



Celebrating its 30th year in business in 2023, S&PE continues to be one of the UK's largest independent distributor and stockist of mechanical seals, with its focus as their late founder intended, to provide cost effective, solution based supply of mechanical seals, pumps and pump repairs and solution-based specification for all pumping applications.

“We do exactly what it says on the tin… seal and pump engineering.”



Tomlinson Hall was founded in 1919 and has vast expertise in the pump industry and proud history of innovation. A multi award-winning company, TH supplies a varying range of pumps from leading global brands and also manufactures Liquivac, its own innovative liquid ring vacuum pump, as well as offering on-site servicing, pump repairs and engineering supplies. Based in Teesside, North East England, TH is a joint founding member of the Pump Distributors Association and works with multiple industry sectors across the globe.



ABB Motion keeps the world turning, while saving energy every day. Its pioneering drives, motors, generators products and integrated digital powertrain solutions are driving the low-carbon future for industries, cities, infrastructure and transportation. Through its global presence, ABB is always close to its customers, helping them to optimise energy efficiency, improve safety and reliability, and achieve precise motion control.



Voted UK leader in customer satisfaction, AESSEAL® earned the top score in the UK’s largest independent customer satisfaction survey – beating giants including Amazon, John Lewis, Apple and M&S. AESSEAL® scored significantly above average in all the categories its customers were questioned on, including product quality, reliability and cost, the helpfulness and competence of staff and the ease and speed with which it does business. Investing over 7% of annual sales revenue in R&D overall several decades has led to AESSEAL® having one of the most advanced ranges of mechanical seals in the market today.



EMiR Software has been serving BPMA members for 29-years, offering its EMiR - Electro-Mechanical Information Resource software, a business solution specifically written for pump and engineering businesses. EMiR has been driving the technical advancement of the software to streamline business process and ensures the increased efficiency of engineering resource. EMiR empowers pump engineers to manage and resource all aspects of their complex and unique business needs. These include but are not limited to: system building and installation including full job costing, product and spare part sales & distribution, breakdown repair and contract servicing, contact management & marketing, equipment hire control, complete financial reporting. “For a business system implementation to be successful, it not only takes great software but a special relationship between the customer and the supplier.”



John Crane is a global leader in rotating equipment solutions, supplying engineered technologies and services to process industries through a network of more than 200 sales and service facilities in over 50 countries. Innovative products and services, such as The MPF Filter and GS USP system, support current and future industry needs by increasing efficiency and reducing environmental impact. In 2022, John Crane announced the opening of its new Service Centres in Izmir and Melbourne, as part of the commitment to its customers to strengthen the company’s service capabilities around the world.



Sutton Castings is a rare enterprise which does not rely on digital solutions. Traditional foundry techniques combined with continual investment in innovative materials, produces castings which are second to none. A custom-built highly efficient cupola furnace using 100% recycled metals ensures sustainability is a key focus. In the last two years Sutton Castings' primary focus in the pump sector market has seen the business grow fivefold and it shows no signs of slowing.



With over £10 million of electric motors stocked in the UK and a further €154 million across Europe, WEG has the largest stocks of electric motors across the continent with the full range of powers and market leading efficiencies the pump industry requires. WEG also keep a large stock of variable speed drives and gearboxes for all applications, with a team of engineers offering technical support and on-site services as required. WEG’s Motion Fleet Management system offers full monitoring of plant assets including pumps, compressors and fans, allowing for preventative maintenance plans and efficiency gains through real time data analysis.


ADC ELECTRICAL: ADC Pump Services Division

This year ADC has worked hard to provide & promote Primary Engineer projects within schools in the Northeast of England. The goal of these projects is to raise awareness of what engineering is within schools, and to give the students an insight into roles within industry, specifically within the pump sector. The hope is to inspire more of our next generation to take up engineering roles within this industry.


AEMT: Ex Repair Course

The AEMT is recognised as one of the leading global providers of hazardous area equipment repair training. Its approachable trainers, easy to digest topics, and a hands-on experience mean that many pump manufacturing company delegates enjoy attending the course. The AEMT is the trade association for the maintenance, repair and service of rotating electrical equipment. It underpins a circular economy by reducing industrial product and energy waste, nurturing, and championing the use of best practice.



The AESSEAL® apprenticeship scheme offers a real alternative to university. AESSEAL® understands the importance of learning through experience and has identified areas where it can grow its own future employees e.g. ‘growing our own’. Providing over 176 accredited apprenticeships over the last four years, the Department for Education has recognised AESSEAL as the top UK apprentice employer in the manufacturing sector for 2022 and an overall ranking of 32nd in the Top 100 chosen from over 500 entries within the UK apprentice employers. Each successful apprentice is offered a permanent position.


CDR PUMPS: Fundamentals of Pump Training

CDR Pumps (UK) understand how important it is to get a comprehensive understanding of how pumps work, how to design them, how to solve problems and analyse failures. It is dedicated to making sure you get the best centrifugal pump training available with training designed to give engineers the right tools and knowledge to reliably use centrifugal pumps and improve the efficiency of their plant operations.


KIWA WATERTEC: Water Regulation 4 Compliance and Certification

Kiwa Watertec has consistently been at the forefront of BPMA and industry events, offering technical expertise on product compliance with water and electrical regulations. It has helped numerous pump manufacturers achieve compliance, resulting in not only increased sales but also safer products for the public, particularly for drinking water products. Thanks to Kiwa's support, pump industry manufacturers now have a wider reach globally as they navigate international certification requirements. Its expertise has been invaluable during the evolving landscape of Water Regulation 4, where it has been instrumental in guiding manufacturers through the technicalities of Water Regulation 4 compliance, particularly KUKreg4 compliance.


SULZER: Sulzer Academy for Pumps and Systems

The Sulzer Academy provides professionals with the knowledge and skills to excel in the field of pumps and systems. This comprehensive training programme comprises a mix of hands-on and project-specific training, exposure to the latest technologies, and in-depth coverage of theoretical principles. The academy provides current information and uses team building to break down cultural barriers and promote knowledge sharing.



Wilo UK offers a range of training, from CPD seminars for specifiers, and product training for installers, to interactive sessions with college students and apprentices, and bespoke lunch and learns for its water company contract clients. Its team plays a leading role in educating clients on energy saving solutions that can help them to work towards achieving their net zero goals, by upgrading pump equipment to more energy efficient alternatives that reduce their carbon output.

WP 200.jpg


Sam Kemp started at Apex Pumps as a young apprentice and has quickly developed into a keystone of the Apex Team. He has become recognised across the pump sector for his responsiveness and creativity in solving customer problems. Sam has overseen and has been responsible for Apex’s annual year-on-year sales growth since becoming sales director.

Josh Bottomley, EMiR SOFTWARE

Josh joined EMiR Software in February 2018 as an apprentice for hosted services. He had some interest in IT but had no previous work experience within the industry, so Josh needed to be a quick learner. He was mentored by the Hosted Services Team Leader who supported him through training on the job and his studying. As part of his Apprenticeship, Josh enrolled on the Level 3 Infrastructure Technician Course. The course was delivered by a series of online sessions, videos and online tutorials. Time to study was given at work but he also dedicated his weekends and evenings to revising for exams and producing his project work. In total Josh completed 10 exams and eight course work projects and achieved his accreditation in 2019. Over the last 5 years, Josh has gone from an unqualified apprentice to EMiR Support Team Leader and now heads up a team of support engineers, inspiring them to perform at the highest levels and trying hard to improve our service every day.



Lewis is a Project Engineer for Salamander Pumps. Lewis joined Salamander Pumps as an Engineering Apprentice. Upon completion of his mechanical/electrical engineering apprenticeship, Salamander Pumps sponsored Lewis’ bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, which he completed in 2022 with First Class Honours. Since then, Lewis has recently completed his first New Product Development project with the company’s single outlet booster pump TapBoost where he led on the design and development of the product and was highly involved in the sourcing of suitable components.


Jack Linley, SULZER

Jack Linley is an Apprentice Inspector at Sulzer who excels in assessing and deciding the fate of pump parts. He is completing a technical apprenticeship and HNC while exceeding expectations and receiving positive feedback. He has a drive for learning, demonstrated by his successful completion of a PCN Level 2 and interest in HND. Jack is a valued member of the team with a promising future.

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