2020/21 Finalists

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John Crane: Diamond™UNCD® (Ultrananocrystalline) Seal Face Treatment

John Crane Diamond™ is a proven, next-generation technology applied to a mechanical seal face, available for multiple seal types. The pure diamond film is grown on the seal face, creating a chemical-resistant surface that stands up to abrasive media and harsh conditions, such as intermittent dry-running. In addition, UNCD® has a low coefficient of friction which results in lower heat generation and energy consumption. For John Crane's customers, this means a significant increase in the mean time between failures.


RuhrPumpen: Extreme Magnetic Drive Seal-Less Pump Possibilities

(ISO 15783/2858 & API 685)

High-End Magnetically Driven pump developed by RuhrPumpen to match machine efficiency & reliability of comparable mechanical sealed pumps.  MULTIPLE newly patented attributes untangle long-standing customer concerns about Power Consumption, Secondary Containment, and extreme high & low Temperatures. Founded on the robust API685 standard, the ISO 15783/2858 counter-part uses many of the same highly engineered features and has true ISO2858 interchangeability.  


Salamander Pumps: Eve

Providing the ultimate shower experience, EVE is a first-of-its-kind variable-pressure twin universal pump, boosting water in any gravity fed system. A control panel allows the user to choose between 1.5, 2.0 or 3.0 bar pressure depending on their preference. EVE allows pressure to be maintained even when additional outlets are open, providing better performance than any other shower pump. It also has the ability to operate in positive or negative head systems without need for a pressure vessel.


Stuart Turner: Digital Pressurisation Unit Range

Stuart Turner has developed a completely new range of wall and floor mounted automatic digital pressurisation units for sealed heating systems. These revolutionary products feature an advanced control system and intuitive set up display panel making them remarkably easy to install, commission and maintain. Their unique monocoque design means that the cold water tank also forms the product chassis, onto which all components such as the pumps are mounted, bringing a more compact and lightweight solution.


Sulzer: XJ900 Submersible Dewatering Pump

The new XJ900 is a 90kW portable submersible drainage pump for handling water containing abrasives and small solids. The pump’s twin impellers are positioned back to back with opposite volute outlets to minimise axial and radial forces and maximise bearing and seal life. The internal pipework can be configured for high head or high flow applications without having to change impellers. The pump has a Hmax of 200m and Qmax of 140l/s depending on configuration.


Wilo: Stratos-MAXO Pump

The Stratos Maxo aims to push the boundaries of pump technology. It combines best in class hydraulic efficiency with the latest in permanent magnet (ECM) motor technology to create the world’s first ‘Smart Pump’ which goes far beyond high-efficiency pumps or pumps with in-built intelligence. Only the combination of latest sensor technology and innovative control functions, bidirectional connectivity (e.g. Bluetooth and integrated analogue inputs) software updates and excellent usability make this pump a smart pump.

ST JPG.jpg

Armstrong Fluid Technology: Upgrade for National Grid

Armstrong Fluid Technology’s upgrade for the National Grid reduced pump energy consumption by more than a third. Variable speed intelligence embedded in the Armstrong Design Envelope pumps enables them to respond instantaneously and automatically to system load, adjusting speed and drawing only the power required to meet demand. Resulting energy reductions range between 30% and 45%, with additional benefits of rapid installation (over a weekend) and best installed and lifecycle costs.


Baker Hughes: N’Goma FPSO Short-Cycle Project

Baker Hughes in six months supplied #2 Super-duplex API610 HP Booster Pumps to N’Goma FPSO. These pumps allowed Customer to operate the off-shore plant directly using sea water with a continuous/stable flow, with positive impact on the entire FPSO Life-Cycle-Cost. With the achieved short cycle delivery of the project (50% less than the standard lead time), Customer had the possibility to increase the expected oil production for additional six months respect the baseline plan.


Campion Pumps: Center Parcs Longford Forest Project

Center Parcs opened their first resort in Ireland, Longford Forest, in August 2019. A robust water system was required to accommodate unique design features of the project and up to 2,500 guests during each short break. Flexibility, energy efficiency and emergency provisions were key requirements of the project. Campion designed, supplied and installed a solution to handle daily water requirements and support firefighting demands on the site. The solution was unique to any system the client had in other parks, a bespoke 5 pump Hydrovar online Booster Set. This fully self-regulating Booster Set offered 4 high flow 22kw pumps and 1 highly efficient 7.5kw pump, all pumps were vertical multistage and with IE3 motors, integrated pump controllers and pressure transducers. A network of 14 foul pumping stations were also installed all around the park. The whole system is supported by our online monitoring system and service app, Campion Connect. The combination of the design and technical capability that Campion were able to apply has resulted in significant energy savings and a reliable firefighting system. Exceeding expectations of the client.


Flowrox Digital Services: Malibu IIoT Platform

“Flowrox Malibu™ is a remote monitoring software that will help assess and catch failures to critical assets before they occur, allowing you to plan maintenance and manage unplanned shutdowns. You can connect and optimize any critical piece of equipment, all driving toward predictive maintenance, increased uptime, increased throughput, increased efficiency and decreased headaches. And we can all agree that anything that contributes to these outcomes is, well, smart.”


Grundfos Pumps: Glastonbury Festival

Glastonbury approached Grundfos to review their water delivery. Grundfos advised that the pump and dosing systems required immediate modernisation to avoid severe disruption during the festival. Developing a bespoke solution, Grundfos suggested a coordinated approach that involved several strands. The subsequent futureproofed upgrades massively improved the stability of the supply, significantly reduced energy demand and leakages. Proportional control substantially reduced system pressures, with remote monitoring delivering previously unseen data for analysis and safeguarding the system. 


Baker Hughes: Energy Recovery Unit

This rotating machine is mounted on an extensively operated pumping train and its task is to recover energy from a pressurized fluid stream which would otherwise be wasted through a throttling valve. Leveraging on its high value efficiency, which was recorded at close to 86% during the internal test, and even higher in cases of higher flow rates, approximately 650kW can be recovered. During its first few months of operation somewhere in the region of 420 tons of CO2 has been saved, which is the equivalent of the emissions from 350 Euro 6 cars.


Wilo UK / Environment Agency: River Severn Water Management Scheme

Water levels on the River Seven have been affected due to poor water management, principally caused by excessive raw water extraction and dry periods – then high rain fall and run off water causing extreme highs and lows. The environment agency completed detailed analysis of the rivers condition and formulated a plan with the support of Wilo to use ground water pumps to help improve the rivers management to protect biodiversity.


Xylem Water Solutions: HydroInfinity

HydroInfinity turns rainwater into “better than bottled” drinking water, creating an infinite supply of a finite resource. The unique scientifically proven, chemical-free purification process uses a combination of UV, oxidation and filtration to inactivate pathogenic organisms including E.coli, Salmonella, Legionella bacteria and the Cryptosporidium oocyst. Created by Xylem Inc and H2Ozone, HyrdoInfinity guarantees quality, reduces organisations’ reliance on municipal water, and has been shown to reduce annual consumption by around 10 per cent.


Apex Pumps

Established in 1988, Apex Pumps is an independent British pump manufacturer making pumps for sectors including industrial, chemical and oil & gas. To meet the bespoke needs of its customers, Apex Pumps has developed a design and product customisation process, utilising the latest design techniques and innovative in-house foundry process, enabling pumping solutions to the exacting requirements of the customer. Apex supports its customers in the UK and champions British exports globally from its HQ in Bristol.


Global Pump

Global Pump's full line of electric or diesel driven pumps are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet your specific requirements. Our team can consult with you and design the most efficient solutions. The advantage we have over our competitors is that we have Mersino Dewatering as the Contractor and Global pump as the Manufacturer, so any issues we have on any given job/project, we will hear about it first-hand from our own employees. Therefore, we can correct, re-modify and/or re-design our product line to accommodate the different applications in the field.


Ruhrpumpen Industrial Europa

Diversity, Quality, Reliability, and Passion are four words that can be used to describe the privately owned RuhrPumpen organization. Multi-lingual engineers provide pump & aftermarket solutions on a Global basis in accordance with API, ISO, FM/UL, WRAS, ATEX, WEE, and CE.  An outstanding growth record is underpinned by 2000 spirited people aiming to provide unrivalled customer & commercial care.  “Best Available Technology Not Impacting Our Planet” is a goal for RuhrPumpen, with R&D aligned to our circular economy.


SPP Pumps

SPP Pumps is a leading global manufacturer of centrifugal pumps and systems. For more than 140 years, the company’s robust and trusted engineering has delivered critical performance across diverse industry applications including oil and gas, water, power generation, construction, mining and fire protection. SPP uses some of the most advanced technology in the world to innovate, design, simulate, evaluate, refine and manufacture world class products for our customers. SPP Pumps – For where it really matters


Stuart Turner

Our purpose built, state of the art manufacturing facility stands on the same extended site in Henley-on-Thames where the company has been located since 1917. From here we have built a reputation for producing pumps of the highest quality and a market leading position both in the UK and internationally. Our prestige as a British design and manufacturing company with a reputation for quality and reliability is unprecedented.


Tomlinson Hall & Co

Tomlinson Hall is one of few British Pump Manufacturers. Standing out for its innovative liquid ring vacuum design, Liquivac®, which is seen as a leader for applications requiring extremely long suction capabilities, twin or three phase flow, accommodating solids up to 2mm in diameter. Its ability to pump from long suction lines allows it to provide an effective solution in hazardous or difficult to access environments, making it unique to the market.


Campion Pumps

Campion have been providing innovative pumping solutions for over 30 years. Renowned for their engineering ingenuity, responsiveness and collaborative approach Campion provide first-rate service to their customers across multiple industries. Offering emergency service 365 days a year and stocking over €1millon in pumps and accessories from various manufacturers allows Campion to provide broad range of support to our customers. Our hardware agnostic online monitoring system and servicing app, Campion Connect, provides the customer and Campions full visibility of water systems to allow our clients plan better service schedules and know within minutes when they have on site problems. Campion offer clients real solutions to their pumping problems; we turn the complex issues into simple and affordable solutions


Flowtech Water Solutions

Flowtech Water Solutions have undergone a dramatic transformation in recent times. The company is based on a firm ethos of customer care, engineering excellence and maintaining a solid reputation. Whether it be design, manufacture or merely providing solutions as a distributor, we remain focused on customer satisfaction. Our implementation of standards through ISO 9001, CE Marking and training, show our dedication to providing not just a solution but one that encompasses all considerations with energy, environmental and efficient, reliable product at the forefront. This approach is backed up with comprehensive warranty and reactive abilities that set us apart from others.


Seal and Pump Engineering UK

Seal and Pump Engineering are a family run, technical engineering company, predominantly servicing the industrial, building services and food and beverage sectors, offering nationwide pumping system solutions, on-site repairs, service solutions and contracts and workshop repairs.  

We supply like for like products including mechanical seal kits, pumps, pump spares, valves, motors, inverters, and associated ancillary equipment, supported by both mechanical and electrical service and repair capability from our service department.


Tomlinson Hall & Co

Operating in 79 countries – and with over 100 years’ experience of pump distribution - Tomlinson Hall can advise the most suitable and appropriate pump for all applications. Uniquely positioned as both a distributor and manufacturer, the company consistently implements training programmes to remain at the very forefront of product offering.



ABB is the global leader in manufacturing low voltage electric motors and variable speed drives. In fact, it is one of only a small number of companies in the world that produce both motors and drives. ABB is dedicated to enabling pump suppliers to harness the opportunities offered by the Internet of Things. A suite of digital solutions, called the ABB AbilityTM Digital Powertrain, allows, for the first-time, remote condition monitoring of the entire powertrain.

EMiR Software

EMiR Software are the creators of EMiR - the Electro-Mechanical Information Resource. EMiR is an all-in-one ERP solution written specifically for the electro-mechanical industry. We have more than 25 years of expert knowledge in the industry and over a hundred customers across the world. Our customers find that having a single product that communicates with every department and individual within a business means that better decisions can be made from accurate, complete and up-to-date information.

John Crane UK
John Crane is a global leader in rotating equipment solutions; supplying engineered technologies and services to process industries, through a global network of more than 200 sales and service facilities in over 50 countries. In 2019, John Crane opened its first dry gas seal repair centre in Qatar, a new super service centre in Pune, India, providing enhanced service, manufacturing and engineering support and most recently, its service centre in Antwerp, near to the leading European oil and chemical cluster. These investments highlight John Crane's commitment to providing world class service and supply to its customers.


Musk Process Services

Musk Process Services partners with its clients in the manufacturing and process markets, to improve their manufacturing capability and help them gain a competitive advantage.  Although almost every project we undertake for our clients involves pumps, we do not take a one-size-fits-all approach to our work. Our engineers use their experience and expertise to work with our clients to find the optimal pumping solution for their challenges, goals and budget. This could be a brand-new top-of-the-line pump, re-siting and adjusting an existing pump to improve performance, or implementing a condition monitoring and reliability improvement protocol on a current pumping system.


TEC Electric Motors

TEC Electric Motors are the UK’s largest independent stockist of power transmission products. Offering 24/7 365 days a year service and stocking from 0.09kw to 630kw TEC have rapidly become a market leader since their formation in 2006. Having satellite branches in Glasgow and Sheffield along with the Midlands HQ based in Worcestershire. TEC holds over £12m worth of inventory available for immediate despatch providing the Pump industry quality product on time and on budget across the UK and Ireland.


ABB Motors and Drives Training

ABB is an advocate of education. Through its training, ABB provides today’s engineers with the knowledge and support they need to do things better. The benefits of training extend far beyond the individual - to their employer, the wider industry in which they work, and even to society as a whole.


Katie McCabe, Global Pump

Katie is now responsible for the development and implementation of MERSINO/Global Pump intercompany training. This training is essential in expanding our company’s overall knowledge of our products, along with developing effective training tools for all to use moving forward; be it in Sales, Production, Service, Onsite/Field, or with the End User. Additionally, Katie has been providing detailed training to our larger customers and new distributors, which has received outstanding feedback from all. She continuously proves to be one of the most patient, thoughtful and hardworking individuals I know. Her hard work has and will continue to be some of the solid blocks we stand upon as we continue to build and grow as a company.

Grundfos Pumps Webinars

Grundfos offers a wide portfolio of training solutions from novice to professional. In 2011, in collaboration with CIBSE, an additional opportunity to speak to a larger collective audience was identified via webinars. This culminated in September 2012, with Grundfos being the first company to present an on-line accredited CPD webinar.Today, our continually evolving 20+ multi-functional CPD and non-CPD webinars continue to be available on many on-line/off-line platforms, so remain as a useful learning aid.

SPP Pumps: STEM Ambassadors in partnership with The Innovation Lab

SPP are committed to lifelong learning, investing in all levels of STEM, from Primary education to PHd. Working in partnership with The Innovation Lab, SPP opened the first Innovation Lab in the county, providing STEM and Digital Workshops for primary schools, including sponsoring transport to ensure accessibility for all. SPP Stem ambassadors have delivered pump related workshops and provided access to 3D printers and Virtual Reality to inspire young people into the field of Engineering.


Luke Barnes, Tapflo UK

Luke has more than doubled the turnover and size of the team at TS Group’s Pump Division in the past 3 years, building on Tapflo UK’s success to drive TS Pumps and TSM Pumps forward using the same strategy. He has built an environment that motivates and incentivises young people to build a career within the Pump Industry in Sales and Engineering. Additionally, his presence online, particularly in videos, is truly changing the dynamic of the industry.


Joe Cherluck, Global Pump

Joe was tasked with playing an integral role in designing the multi-million dollar emergency sinkhole (2016-2017) bypass pumping system in record time, utilizing vertical turbine pumping equipment that we, as a company, had only brief experience with. It took many calculations along with experimenting with various scenarios and adjusting designs to get the system right. Joe worked the long hours demanded, literally getting his hands dirty right alongside the operations crews. He attended high profile meetings, all without any reservations. His contributions unquestionably lent to the overall project success. As a result of this project, we gained new experience and knowledge of vertical turbine pumping systems and equipment. We have confidently expanded our pumping capabilities to include this efficient pumping option and have exponentially increased our projects utilizing this equipment.


Thomas Parker, TEC Electric Motors

Thomas Parker joined the TEC team in May 2014 and has quickly risen through the ranks. After beginning his career working in an Internal Administration role Thomas’ hard work and enthusiasm resulted in an Internal Sales position followed swiftly by a move to External Area Sales Manager. Spending his own time studying the technical aspects of all products Thomas found a niche in developing and working with existing customers to provide a comprehensive gearbox range and has over the last 3 years taken the product sales and portfolio to new heights. In 2019 formulating a TEC gearbox distribution network that is already being expended on in 2020.  

Winner to be announced on the night of the Awards