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Pump Industry Awards 2020

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2019 Finalists


ABB: Ability™ Smart Sensor for Pumps

The ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor for Pumps brings - for the first time - remote condition monitoring to the installed base of pumps used in many industries. The compact sensor attaches easily to the pump without wiring and monitors vital operating parameters, such as vibration and temperature, to calculate pump health indicators. The results help to predict pump failure by detecting early signs of common operating problems, enabling preventive action to be taken. Pump performance is optimised as maintenance can now be planned based on actual needs rather than on generic schedules.


Baker Hughes, a GE Company: Ring Sectional Diffuser Multistage Pump for Powergen Applications

BHGE  - Nuovo Pignone PVS (Italy) recently introduced a  new multistage pump, ring section diffuser type, which covers the API610 BB4 arrangement. These pumps, called DDHF-R, have been tailored to several services like boiler feed in power generation plants, pipeline, reverse osmosis and energy recovery. Such machineries are designed to work in a very demanding environment, delivering pressure as high as 350barg, withstand temperatures up to 250°C and manage flows very close to 1000 m3/h. Based on the above data, the magnitude of the installed shaft power by a single train approaches to 10 MW in a high-speed arrangement. Regardless such set of process conditions, users require an extremely high level of reliability and efficiency (>85%) and short warm up time. The outstanding design of this pump is driven by the larger reliability demand as required by BHGE users, which is needed to manage the plant operations even through un-spared solution.


EMIR Software: EMIR Smart Site

EMIR Software is designed to take the pain out of running electro-mechanical sales and service businesses. So it forms one common system and dataset to manage all the key functions of such businesses. A particular area of pain for our clients was managing the process of engineers attending site and Smart Site is designed to remove the paperwork and delays from capturing the information needed to ensure a fast and accurate service.


Siemens: Drive Train Analytics with SiDrive IQ

Siemens’ MindSphere, a cloud-based open Internet of Things (IoT) operating system, enables industries worldwide to link their machines and physical infrastructure to the digital world easily, quickly and economically. Harnessing data from virtually any number of connected intelligent devices allows for analysis of real-time operational data which then leads to optimized processes, resource and productivity gains, the development of new business models and the reduction of operations and maintenance costs.


Siemens: High Power High Availability Variable Speed Pump Drive System

This new product is an innovative amalgamation of standard VSD and Control products that allows high power drive systems to be assembled with significant redundancy to ensure that any component failure does not lead to a shutdown of the critical process. Importantly, the system is able to be isolated in sections, which facilitates maintenance or repair whilst the process is still running, and it can be returned to full capacity, again without interrupting the process.


Siemens: HVC New High Voltage Motor Design Concept

Simotics HV-C is a new series of high-voltage motors for pump applications requiring an air-cooled Ex d IIB flameproof enclosure or water jacket cooling. The series offers the highest possible power density up to 3200kW and excellent reliability under even the most extreme conditions whilst using an innovative cooling concept to achieve a marked boost to performance without any increase in size. Reliability and durability have been increased as a result of improved temperature distribution.


Sona Pumps: SPRC Hybrid Submersible Motor Home Pump

SPRC Hybrid submersible motor is combination of water filled motor and oil filled motor. In this motor stationary parts is in the water contact and rotating parts are in the oil. Sump water can flow directly to stator and the winding compartment without using pump power but restricting water to enter up to motor rotating parts. This motor achieves the best cooling efficiency for submersible motor, High on reliability, low on product cost and weight.


Stuart Turner: Stuart Digital Pressurisation Unit Range

Stuart Turner has designed and developed a completely new range of wall and floor mounted automatic digital pressurisation units for sealed heating systems.

The revolutionary SPU Mini and Midi ranges feature an advanced control system and intuitive set up display panel making them remarkably easy to install, commission and maintain. Adopting a unique monocoque design approach, Stuart Turner has filed a design patent which enables these compact units to achieve a completely new price-performance-quality paradigm.


Wilo UK: The K Series K10 Borehole Pump

The Wilo K10 borehole pump, launched commercially in 2018, provides high efficiency, high corrosion resistance, high wear resistance. It's suitable for pumping drinking water and offers easy maintenance with a simple system for the installation and dismantling of hydraulics. It is manufactured using an innovative new process called Precision Cast which has allowed Wilo to redefine hydraulic efficiency, reducing machining by 84%, offering reduced embedded carbon, reduced manufacturing costs along with a lower list/sales price.


Xylem Water Solutions: Flygt Concertor XPC

The World’s first integrated intelligent pumping and control system, a new level of thinking to solve modern wastewater challenges. The solution is not more components and complexity but intelligent, flexible and leaner solutions. For decades, we’ve been dedicated to developing sophisticated waste­water pumping solutions that substantially boost your efficiency while dramatically reducing your total equipment footprint and cost of ownership. It’s a complex challenge that only the most innovative and integrated designs can solve.


ABB, EDC and Scottish Water: Scottish Water Leakage Reduction Programme

Scottish Water is using ABB variable speed drives to cut the number of leaks at its pumping stations. The first stage of the project prevented 1,500 bursts in three years, saving the utility more than £2 million.  For the worst affected sites, the project has seen an 80 percent reduction in bursts. However, at some sites, such as Castle Road pumping station near Dollar, it has eliminated bursts entirely.  Scottish Water’s partner for this project is ABB authorised value provider EDC (Scotland).


Baker Hughes, a GE Company: Escondida Water Supply Expansion Project - Desalinated Water High Pressure Pipeline Pumps

Baker Hughes, a GE Company - Nuovo Pignone PVS (Italy) delivered to Chile of #22 HP 3.1 MW API610 pumps to transfer desalinated water from Antofagasta on Pacific Ocean coast to the Atacama desert at 3300m above sea level through a 180km pipeline. These pumps are designed to work for 30 consecutive years under severe operating condition maintaining a high level of reliability/efficiency (>86%). The “all-in” BHGE design offers Customer to operate the entire plant/pipeline with high level of flexibility, interchangeability and maintainability.


Campion Pumps and Irish Water: Inniscarra Dam Project

Extreme dry weather reduced reservoir levels at Inniscarra to historic lows. The water supply to Cork city, as well as river flows downstream of the hydroelectric dam, were at risk if contingency measures were not put in place. In three weeks, Campion Pumps and Irish Water designed, assembled and successfully deployed a 16-tonne steel plate pontoon pumping arrangement. Anchored to new mooring points on the dam and fitted with three 37kW submersible pumps the emergency arrangement ensured the River Lee kept flowing, fish life was protected and a population of 250,000 plus industry were unaffected.


Peter Brett Associates, Stantec: Bells and Mocketts Pumping Station

PBA, now part of Stantec, led the first large-scale installation of innovative, fish-friendly Archimedes’ screw pumps in the UK. The new pumping station replaced two ailing assets and improved flood protection to the surrounding farmland and catchment, running efficiently and quietly at all speeds with relatively little energy loss. Design simplicity and durable materials selected for the coastal environment will ensure that maintenance of the new pumping station will be minimal throughout its service life.


Pump Blockage Protection by Siemens for Anglian Water

Blockages of pumps are a major problem in conveying wastewater. Imminent blockages can be detected by monitoring the electrical power supply of the pump drive and measuring both current and power factor the system can detect build up on the impeller, and for a preventative solution it carries out a direction reverse after a pre-determined number of normal starts. Working with Anglian water, a 70% decrease in pump blockages was realized with this solution.


Siemens MindSphere Installation for Anglian Water

Intelligent motor control units have been installed that allow access to a vast number of system data points such as energy consumption, hours run and electrical efficiency. Connecting the motor controller and other instruments to the Siemens Industrial Internet-of-Things platform “MindSphere” allows the collected data to be analysed, enabling real time performance monitoring and KPI visualization. This provides the user with the ability to easily monitor the performance and the efficiency of their pumping station network.


Armstrong Fluid Technology: Armstrong Tango Parallel Pumping Solution

The Armstrong Tango parallel pumping solution reduces energy consumption by approximately 30% and also enables 100% standby to be replaced with parallel pumping, reducing embodied carbon by more than 50%. Two smaller pump heads in a common casing (each sized for as little as 50% design flow) can be specified. The wider operating range of each pump means around 70% of capacity can still be delivered if only one of the pumps is operational during maintenance.


Peter Brett Associates, Stantec: Bells and Mocketts Pumping Station

PBA, now part of Stantec, led the first land drainage application in the UK of an innovative type of encapsulated composite screw pumps to manage water levels and protect a 34km2 catchment of low level agricultural land from flooding. The pumps provide excellent standards of protection and passage for fish and eels by eliminating the risk of leading edge damage. The slow rotational speeds also allow quiet and efficient operation with reduced disturbance to the local protected habitat and wildlife.


Ru Well Systems: Scientific-Innovation Company

Ru Well Systems has developed a method for calculating indicators for evaluating the environmentally friendly operation of pumps in industrial and utility systems — to improve the ISO / ASME / GOST standards for reducing the specific energy consumption of pumping systems.  It is claimed that this methodology can be utilized by: 1) manufacturers - in the development and testing of energy-efficient pumps; 2) end users - in the monitoring and control of pump systems to reduce electricity consumption; 3) government agencies – to account for the negative impact on the environment and form commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in СО₂ equivalent; 4) ISO / ACME / GOST standardization bodies - for calculating and refining previously adopted indicators EEI and PEI


Siemens: Pump Blockage Protection for Anglian Water

By ensuring that wastewater pumps can operate without blockages, the pumps are operating at optimised efficiency levels and there is a massive reduction in the hidden environmental costs of around 24,000 Engineer site-visits per year across the region. This is a significant drop in the use of fuel (diesel) for the customer’s maintenance teams, and a dramatic reduction in the emissions and pollutants from these vehicles in what are typically rural areas of the country.


Wilo UK: The K Series Borehole Pump

The Wilo K10 borehole pump - designed to be ecologically advantageous in manufacture and operation – taking advantage of new materials and manufacturing methods which have assisted in reducing machining time by 84%, reducing embedded carbon by 73%, whilst improving operational efficiency to 88% peak. Giving up to four times wear resistance compared to standard material designs, means high efficiencies are retained for longer. It exhibits improved reliability, reduced operational costs, reduced capital costs, and application optimisation.  


Xylem Water Solutions: HydroInfinity

Xylem’s HydroInfinity is a complete water treatment and pressure booster system which ensures that water is free of all pathogens and safe to drink. This product uses unique technologies to deliver UV treatment, ozonation and filtration to protect people’s rights to safe clean drinking water not just in the UK but across the world in areas where clean safe water is a major issue to health.



BJM Pumps

BJM Pumps® is headquartered in Old Saybrook, CT and has been providing fluid handling solutions for industrial and municipal services since 1983. Over its thirty year history, BJM Pumps has grown quickly by supplying world class pumps and accessories, priced competitively, through its global network of stocking distributors in the United States, Canada and South America.


SPP Pumps

For over 130 years SPP Pumps has been a leading manufacturer of centrifugal pumps and systems, a global principal in design, supply and servicing of pumps, pump packages and equipment for a wide range of applications and industries including: oil and gas production and processing, water and waste water treatment, power generation, construction, mines and large industrial plants. Major SPP applications include water treatment & supply, sewage & waste water treatment, fire protection, and dewatering.


Tapflo Pumps UK

Tapflo UK (part of TS Group) have designed and manufactured the Low Energy Air Pump (LEAP) Technology in the UK, which is now sold globally through the Tapflo network. Within the Pump Division of TS Group, we also manufacture OEM pumps for large specialised projects. Our most recent project involves manufacturing a pump for hybrid buses which totals to 6000 pumps per year.


Tomlinson Hall

Tomlinson Hall is one of few British Pump manufacturers. Standing out for its innovative liquid ring vacuum design, Liquivac® is seen as a leader for applications requiring extremely long suction capabilities, twin or three phase flow, accommodating solids of up to 2mm in diameter. Recent R&D has seen an improved design and increased flow both on its existing range and Liquivac 2. 


Wilo UK

Wilo is one of the world's leading manufacturers of pumps and pump systems for heating, cooling and air-conditioning as well as in the process, industrial and water management sectors. Wilo continues to make the transition smoothly from pump manufacturer to pumping system solutions provider, working with partners, adding its expertise and knowledge to projects right across the UK. It employs more than 100 people here in the UK from its HQ in Burton-upon-Trent.



Campion Pumps

Campion Pumps have been providing pump solutions and systems since 1988.  Renowned for their engineering ingenuity, responsiveness and collaborative approach Campion Pumps provide first-rate service to their customers across multiple industries. Through key partnerships with Xylem, Lowara, Flygt, VT Scada, Vogelsang and more, Campion Pumps are leading the way with practical solutions and service delivery. The development of their online pump monitoring and alarm system allows Campion Pumps to go that extra mile for their clients.


Seal and Pump Engineering UK

Seal and Pump Engineering are a family run, technical engineering company offering nationwide pumping system solutions to many sectors including building services, industrial and food and beverage. 

We supply like for like products including mechanical seals, o-rings & gaskets, pumps, pump spares, valves, motors, inverters, and associated ancillary equipment, and have a service department capable of on-site and workshop based repairs, service, fabrication, instillation and commissioning, and are Belzona approved applicators.


Tomlinson Hall

In our 100th year of pump distribution – with an exceptional portfolio – Tomlinson Hall can advise the most suitable and appropriate pump for all applications. Not being tied to one pump technology or brand and working with global leaders using the latest technology, the company consistently implements and attends training programme’s to remain at the forefront of knowledge and product offering.


Triark Pumps

Established in 1984, Triark is one of the leading independent suppliers of air-operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps in the UK. However, we strive to be more than just a trusted supplier of pumps and spares. Having built up unrivalled expertise over the decades, we are keen to advise and support our customers in finding the best product for the job. While we do offer the lowest prices, we are keen to ensure your pumps ensure safety and savings by being the most productive and robust over time. This is why we offer free site visits to really understand you, and your needs. Ultimately we aim to make dealing with us simple, cost effective and above all, mutually beneficial. We are not tied to any one manufacturer, so we are able to give you the right pump and parts for your application, and at the right price.




ABB is dedicated to enabling pump suppliers and operators to harness the opportunities offered by Industry 4.0. In 2018, it broke new ground with the launch of the ABB Ability™ Digital Powertrain. This is a suite of digital devices, software and services that ensures the efficient and reliable operation of powertrain equipment, including drives, motors, bearings and pumps. Digital devices in the portfolio include smart sensors for motors, bearings and pumps, which bring – for the first time – remote condition monitoring to the powertrain used in many industries.


John Crane UK

John Crane is a global leader in rotating equipment solutions, supplying engineered technologies and services to process industries. The company designs and manufactures a variety of products including mechanical seals and systems, couplings, filtration systems and predictive digital monitoring technologies. John Crane customer service is accessed through a global network of more than 200 sales and service facilities in over 50 countries.



Siemens is a global supplier of electro-mechanical drive-train (VSD, motor, gearbox, coupling), power distribution, control and instrumentation equipment which is used in a variety of industrial applications, especially in pumping, from fractional horsepower low-voltage to multi-megawatt medium-voltage variants. The Siemens Digitalisation portfolio based upon the MindSphere platform is an evolving series of applications which include cloud-based data analytics, such as Drive Train Condition Monitoring, which serves to underpin and drive the Siemens Customer Service concept. 


Ru Well Systems: Vyacheslav Fisenko

The author has helped to develop a method for calculating indicators for evaluating the environmentally friendly operation of pumps in industrial and utility systems — to improve the ISO / ASME / GOST standards for reducing the specific energy consumption of pumping systems.  It is claimed that this methodology can be utilized by: 1) manufacturers - in the development and testing of energy-efficient pumps;  2) end users - in the monitoring and control of pump systems to reduce electricity consumption; 3) government agencies – to account for the negative impact on the environment and form commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in СО₂ equivalent; 4) ISO / ACME / GOST standardization bodies - for calculating and refining previously adopted indicators EEI and PEI.


SPP Pumps: Reuben d'Orton-Gibson

Reuben joined SPP’s graduate engineering scheme in 2015 and quickly gained a reputation as a quick learner and talented designer. He has subsequently taken a lead role in the development of a new pump model, where his enthusiasm for learning and talent for challenging conventional thinking have been a real asset. We are looking forward to seeing Reuben develop as one of the next generation of pump engineers.


Wilo UK: Cameron Gaunt

Cameron Gaunt has worked closely with Wilo’s R&D/competence teams to develop the Wilo materials offers, and manufacturing/design of pumps used within our frameworks. He has assisted Wilo UK hugely in winning the Operational Efficiency awards from Anglian Water and the PIA (Pump Industry Awards) for innovation in 2018. Cameron has been key to the introduction of ceramic materials, Teflon materials, and metallic options to tailor product to suit very specific requirements from our customers.

Winner to be announced on the night of the Awards
Winner to be announced on the night of the Awards