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2024 Finalists


ABB: IE5 Synchronous Reluctance Motors

ABB is the only manufacturer offering a complete range of SynRM motors at ultra-premium IE5 efficiency levels - with up to 40% lower energy losses, with significantly lower energy consumption and CO₂ emissions, compared to equivalent IE3 induction motors. By pairing their breakthrough IE5 SynRM motor with the optimal ABB drive, customers have one point of access, one supplier, and support whenever they need it.


BAUMER ELECTRIC: Bubble Sensor PAD20 for Smart Pump Protection

With the innovative bubble sensor PAD20, Swiss sensor expert Baumer presents a smart way to protect pumps from running dry. The unique sensor detects even the smallest air and gas inclusions in process media, before they can harm a pump and cause facility downtime. The reliable detection of gas in the system ensures maximum performance and use of resources.



In today’s modern world mankind’s battle lies not with each other, but in combatting climate change together. Brook Crompton remains committed to sustainability and carbon neutrality through continuous development of new, energy efficient, products, solutions, and services. The WEPM range of permanent magnet motors delivers ultra-premium IE5 efficiency, significantly reducing energy consumption, operating costs, and carbon footprint.



The AVF-C pump is the first thermoplastic canned motor pump to exceed Europe’s highest MEI =>0.7 energy efficiency standard. The stator of the IE5 permanent magnet motor directly drives the inner magnet of the high efficiency pump for leak-free operation, reduced floorspace, noise and running costs. Utilized for liquid circulation in manufacturing processes that require varying duties and/or minimum energy usage and the preferred choice for Intel’s Open IP program for data centre immersion cooling.


GRACO: QUANTM Electric Operated Double Diaphragm Pump

Launched in October 2022, QUANTM™ is not just another pump-it's a game-changer. Featuring innovative transverse flux motor technology, it slashes energy costs by up to 80% compared to air-operated pumps. Compact and versatile, QUANTM™ seamlessly integrates into existing systems for precise control and remote monitoring. Join leading industries worldwide in embracing efficiency, reliability, and sustainability with QUANTM™.



TankBoost is a single unit solution where mains-fed water pressure or flow are insufficient. The centrifugal, stainless-steel, submersible pump ensures quiet operation, whilst efficiently delivering up to 3.0 Bar and 80L/min. TankBoost can be used on multiple outlets, across various floors simultaneously. With a range of sizes available, including additional storage and CAT 5, TankBoost is ideal for both domestic and light commercial installations, including large multi-storey homes and houses of multiple occupancy.


VERDERFLEX: Remote Assistant IoT Enabled Pumps

The Verderflex Remote Assistant App revolutionises the industry with its innovative integration ‘Internet of Things’ technologies. This cutting-edge system enables real-time monitoring of compatible Verderflex pumps, optimising performance and minimising downtime. Free of charge with compatible pumps, the app is user-friendly and accessible via mobile or tablet. It offers a comprehensive overview of pump status, performance metrics, and predictive maintenance alerts and ultimately contributes to improved overall productivity in diverse industrial environments.


WILO: Stratos PICO

Launched in the latter half of 2023, the Stratos PICO is a highly efficient central heating circulation pump that has utilised the latest technology to reduce energy consumption in residential and light commercial buildings’ heating systems. The Stratos PICO’s built-in display is a key component that sets it apart from market alternatives. Its user-friendly nature makes application of, and access to, the pump settings, set up, and performance much easier.



Hydrovar® X is the new integrated IE5 permanent magnet assisted synchronous reluctance motor and variable speed drive solution. Bringing the best energy efficiency performances with its frequency converter coupled with the ultimate synchronous motor, manufactured by Xylem, integrating decades of expertise and know-how in pumping solutions. The Hydrovar® X is a green technology solution, providing best-in-class efficiency and best of all no rare earth metals are used, minimizing its environmental footprint.


ANGLO PUMPS: Old Pump Rebuild, St James Park, London

St James Royal Park is located by Buckingham Palace, attracting millions of visitors. Grade 1 listed historical landscape, its lake is 4 hectares. During the hot summer, the submersible pump failed, oxygen levels fell, endangering the extensive wildlife. Only accessible via an ancient wooden bridge, Anglo Pumps deployed a lightweight pallet truck to remove it and in their workshops, engineers disassembled, tested, rebuilt and returned it good as new - recycling at a quarter of the cost to replace with new.


BAKER HUGHES: High Pressure Water Injection Pump

Oilfield plants needed a high-pressure pumping solution, to achieve reinjection rates, delivered on time. Baker Hughes designed a challenging extralong pump, 13 stages with a rotor more than 4 meters long. Completing a record hydrotest of 400 bars, for an axial split casing layout in super duplex stainless steel. The execution team provided robust acceleration; 30% reduction versus standard lead time was achieved once the main components were received. The skid was engineered for a fast airfreight shipment and a smooth installation.


BEDFORD PUMPS: Indonesia Flood Mitigation Project

Bedford Pumps has provided the largest submersible pump installation in southeast Asia to the region’s largest city, as part of a vital flood defence scheme. The eight 700kW, 1600mm diameter, 20-ton, submersible axial flow, fish-friendly pumps each pass 10,000 l/s, safeguarding one of the world’s most flood prone cities. Part of the Jakarta Urgent Flood Mitigation Project, this government backed scheme, was fundamental to protect both land and life and was officially inaugurated by the President of Indonesia in December.


CAMPION PUMPS: Wilton Waste Fire Booster Set

Wilton Waste Recycling required a system with sustained volume and pressure for a specified period, to provide adequate fire damage mitigation at its ‘Solid Recovered Fuel’ factory, handling waste recycling separation. With a limited water supply,  Campion proposed rainwater harvesting, to minimise costs associated with treated potable water; to store harvested firewater on-site; to design two dual pump fire booster sets; to calculate flow and head requirements; to manufacture off-site to utilise parallel paths and reduce project milestones and to utilise Campion Connect’s SCADA system for 24hr monitoring, linking with BMS and NOC centre. This technology monitors 50 inputs on each booster set, meaning there’s a significant reduction in the risk of pump failure.



South Crofty Tin Mine ceased tin production in 1998 and the workings were allowed to flood. Approximately 8 million cubic meters of water now needs to be removed in order to adequately pump the mine out and enable resumption of tin mining from the deepest levels. Using innovative techniques and KSB BSX pumps, Cornish Metals have developed an energy efficient method of dewatering the mine.



Facing a critical pump failure just before Christmas, Houghton International swiftly responded to a water company’s urgent needs in County Durham. Through innovative techniques like reverse engineering and utilising parts from two failed pumps, they repaired and upgraded the system within 24-hours, ensuring a continuous water supply to homes for Christmas. The project not only saved costs through repair but also enhanced efficiency, reliability, and sustainability, earning praise and a Supplier Excellence Award nomination from the water company.


MENZEL ELEKTROMOTOREN: All from a Single Source - State Water Supply with a Slip Ring Motor with Brush Lifting Device

A state water project to install a slip ring motor, with a modern brush lifting device, ensuring sustainable drinking water supply in Germany, for approximately 250 communities/ 3 million consumers. All supplied from a single source, an old Siemens motor running from 1969 was replaced. The project included site surveys, motor, brush lifting device, starter, clutch and base frame, assembly of all components incl. alignment and commissioning. New wiring from 5kV switchgear with support from Pawils Elektromaschinen (part of the MENZEL Group). The new motor now drives a peak-load pump, the heart of the installation and the essential component of the regional pumping system.


XYLEM WATER SOLUTIONS UK: Pump Replacement Project at Gloucester Docks

Xylem provided end-to-end support when challenged by The Canal & Rivers Trust’s to replace their aging pumps while keeping disruption to the area at a minimum and - most importantly – provide an energy efficient solution without disrupting the drinking water supply for 300,000 Bristol residents. The pump replacement project involved the installation of four new custom designed Flygt column pumps providing ~10% energy consumption with digital connection reducing on-site visits and inspection at the Gloucester Docks site.


ANGLO PUMPS: Pump Rebuilds and Installing Inverters - A Double-Pronged Approach to Sustainable Solutions of our Environment

Recycling Pumps: iron and steel are reusable, keeping their strength. Anglo Pump’s engineers rebuild pumps at their workshops to good-as-new, putting them back into service, significantly extending their lifecycle. Over 1,000 pumps rebuilt since 2020, they currently renovate one a day. Savings between ¼ and ½ of the economic/environmental costs of new replacements. A major contribution to sustainability, avoiding landfill, also reducing costs for the end-user. In addition, they’ve developed a cost-benefit analysis of deploying inverters appropriately, demonstrating ROI.


BAUMER ELECTRIC: Bubble Sensor PAD20 for Smart Pump Protection

With the innovative bubble sensor PAD20, Swiss sensor expert Baumer presents a smart way to protect pumps from running dry. The unique sensor detects even the smallest air and gas inclusions in process media, before they can harm a pump and cause facility downtime. The reliable detection of gas in the system ensures maximum performance and use of resources.


BEDFORD PUMPS: Indonesia Flood Mitigation Project

Bedford Pumps installation of eight 160mm submersible axial-flow fish-friendly pumps formed an essential part of the Indonesian government backed Urgent Flood Mitigation Project. Designed to provide flood protection for Jakarta’s 11.2m population, the project fulfils the very highest levels of sustainability for both land and life. As well as providing a vital defence to a sinking city, the scheme also provides protection to aquatic life.  In addition, the pumps demonstrate efficiencies far in excess of market benchmarks, resulting in the lowest total cost of ownership.


GRACO: QUANTM Electric Operated Double Diaphragm Pump

A leading corrugated cardboard manufacturer replaced 65 2”air driven pumps with the QUANTM electric pump for its glue circulation lines in 12 factories throughout the country. The impact on energy costs and carbon reduction is huge. The energy consumption dropped from 2,37milj kWh/year to 535.000 kWh/year. Taking into consideration the elimination of the cost of compressed air and air compressor maintenance, and the low maintenance costs on the QUANTM pumps their investment was paid back in less than 6-months. And not to forget that by switching to QUANTM, they reduced their carbon emissions by 80%.


MENZEL ELEKTROMOTOREN: State Water Supply Conversion Single Source Solution

This major Government Funded utility project supported the regional drinking water supply in Germany for approximately 250 cities and will provide significant efficiency and material savings over the expected 25-year lifetime. For the existing motor now operating at 93% efficiency this is much lower than the new motor which offered an efficiency figure of 97.6% The pumping station at this regional waterworks is the heart of all the pumping systems for this drinking water process. The new motor now drives a modern efficient peak-load pump, which is the essential component of the whole pumping system in the ever-growing communities and needs to ensure sustainability due to increasing climate change effects.



Apex Pumps is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of industrial pumps and related equipment. Founded in 1988, the company has established itself as a global leader in providing high-quality pumping solutions across various industries such as manufacturing, oil and gas, water treatment, pharmaceuticals, and more. Apex Pumps places a strong emphasis on innovation and engineering excellence, constantly developing new designs to enhance performance and meet evolving industry requirements. Apex collaborates with industries to create customised solutions tailored to specific needs. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Apex Pumps continues to be a trusted name in the world of industrial pumps.



Flowplant Group design and manufacture high-pressure water jetting and pumping systems up to 3,000 bar working pressure. Used in a wide range of applications, our high-pressure pumps and systems have an enviable reputation for technical excellence, reliability, and longevity; undeniably qualities which come from more than fifty years of manufacturing experience. They are the proud owners of the unique "Harben" radial piston diaphragm pump and the Aqua triplex plunger pump ranges.



Established in 1871, KSB has shaped the future of fluid handling for over 150 years. Now one of the largest pump manufacturers in the world, this global manufacturing company is well known for its pumps, valves and automation equipment. Through its manufacturing sites across the globe combined with expertise from 16000 employees, KSB consistently strives to achieve greater benefits for its customers.



SPP Pumps design, manufacture and deliver high-quality engineered products and services into global markets where their experience, expertise and ethos of sustainability create value for all stakeholders. With over 70% of products and solutions exported worldwide, SPP Pumps are proudly flying the flag for British engineering and manufacturing whilst continuously looking for ways to operate more sustainably and to reduce their impact on the environment.



Every day, Watson-Marlow FTS helps companies across the globe to be more efficient. Watson-Marlow is a world leader in peristaltic pump manufacture and associated fluid path technologies and is known by customers for its quality. The company has a global manufacturing and logistics supply network with word-class cleanrooms and specialist teams. Watson-Marlow is a customer focused organisation that works closely to support users over the full lifetime of its equipment. With an extensive global network of direct sales operations and distributors, customers can benefit from local support and sector expertise.



Established 40 years ago, Anchor Pumps has gained the leading edge as one of the most trusted independent pump distributors and stockists in the UK. With stock held in 2 warehouses, Anchor Pumps are able to serve domestic, commercial, industrial, utility, process and power companies with off the shelf solutions. Utilising in house engineers and technical sales, bespoke projects can be handled with confidence. Anchor Pumps still Putting the Customer First.



Sourcing pumps and other products best fit-for-purpose from a wide range of suppliers and manufacturers. Anglo Pumps use innovations such as a tracked, load carriers to move pumps into buildings, through doorways where other handling is impossible. A renovations service extends pumps’ lifecycle at a fraction of the cost for new replacements. Their round-the-clock service, from Edinburgh to Exeter, operates 24/7, 365 days a year. Call-outs Christmas Day and New Years Day 2023, underline this commitment.



BPS Pumps is a small growing distributor offering options on o’rings, gaskets, mechanical seals, seal kits, pumps and all related pumping products. Not just distributors, BPS Pumps offer problem solving and solutions for clients from advice, supply, overhaul, installation, or onsite services for their pumps and pumping equipment in many sections of the pumping industry.



Campion have been providing innovative pumping solutions for over 30-years. Renowned for engineering ingenuity, responsiveness and a collaborative approach, Campion provide first-rate service to their customers across multiple industries. Offering emergency service 365-days a year and stocking over €1millon in pumps and accessories from various manufacturers allows Campion to provide a broad range of support to customers. Their hardware agnostic online monitoring system & servicing app, Campion Connect, provides both customers and Campion full visibility of water systems, to allow clients plan better service schedules and know within minutes when they have on site problems.



Even during their 30th year, Seal and Pump Engineering continue to learn and gain further experience from the work and projects they undertake. Coupled with the focus of cost effective, application-based solutions. They call not only on their experiences, but on the expertise of those manufacturers they work closely with and get to the core of any application, project or requirement. New, refurbished or repaired, Seal & Pump Engineering offer the full package.



ABB can transform your industry operations with the most comprehensive portfolio of low voltage motors to help you to improve reliability, energy efficiency and productivity of your processes. Their motors can be used direct-on-line or with variable speed drives and are suitable for all industries and applications as they fulfil all international and national efficiency regulations. ABB is always close to its customers, helping them to optimise energy efficiency, improve safety and reliability, to help achieve their sustainability targets.



EagleBurgmann is a leading provider of industrial sealing technology worldwide.  Their mechanical seals, seal supply system, magnetic couplings, carbon floating ring seals, expansion joints, gaskets and packings are used wherever reliability and safety are needed.  Their sealing technology supports a diverse customer base across many industry sectors including, chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing, water, mining, paper, aerospace, and energy.  5,800 employees provide their ideas, solutions and commitment, meaning customers can rely on their sealing technology.



EMiR Software have been serving BPMA members for 30-years, offering its EMiR - Electro-Mechanical Information Resource software, a business solution specifically written for pump and engineering businesses. EMiR has been driving the technical advancement of the software to streamline business process and ensures the increased efficiency of engineering resource. EMiR empowers pump engineers to manage and resource all aspects of their complex and unique business needs. These include but are not limited to: System building and installation incl. full job costing; Product and spare part sales & distribution; Breakdown repair and contract servicing; Contact management & marketing; Equipment hire control; Complete financial reporting. For a business system implementation to be successful, it not only takes great software but a special relationship between the customer and the supplier.



Menzel Elektromotoren has manufactured and distributed electric motors since 1927. The company specializes in large electric motors, including special models, within the shortest possible time. Their range comprises high and low voltage motors, DC motors, transformers, and frequency inverters. Services include motor production and fast delivery of pre-engineered stock motors to specific requirements. In order to ensure fast deliveries at all times, the company maintains an extensive inventory including more than 20,000 motors with a maximum performance of up to 15,000 kW. Qualified experienced engineers, and state-of-the-art production & testing facilities ensure Menzel, provide excellent reliability across the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Sweden and cooperates with numerous partners worldwide.


AEMT: Ex Repair Course

The Association of Electrical and Mechanical Trades (AEMT) members are the driving force behind industries worldwide. They are the unsung heroes who keep the wheels of industry turning, ensuring that our modern world never grinds to a halt. The AEMT Ex Repair Course strives to connect and educate engineers in the importance of hazardous area equipment repair. They reach audiences across the globe with their online and face-to-face classroom courses.


Aiming to create the next generation of engineers, bringing young people into the sector is crucial. A transfer of skills between ‘old hands’ and new entrants, through training, apprenticeships, work-shadowing and on-site experience. Every engineer undergoes structured inductions, then onto courses, from confined space, through to in-situ workshop training, guided through pump disassembly and rebuilds. Dexter qualified as Lead Installation Engineer at 22; Marcus (23) completed a 4-year BTEC. His brother, Patrick, (20) is following suit.

JOHN CRANE: DISCOVER Graduate Engineers Program

The John Crane DISCOVER Graduate Engineers Program offers a 24- to 30-month comprehensive program comprising three development phases. Each phase integrates technical and leadership skills training with practical field engineering exposure. Participants may undertake short-term assignments in design/application, manufacturing, research and development, and other technical areas. The program emphasizes technical training and field experience to equip engineers with the expertise to tackle diverse engineering challenges. Completion opens doors to career advancement opportunities contingent on performance, experience, and business needs.

KIWA WATERTEC: Water Regulation 4 Compliance and UK and EU Materials Compliance

Kiwa and Jonathan Price have supported the BPMA and have always been on hand to help members with any technical questions around product compliance, related to water and electrical regulations. Kiwa have supported many pump industry manufacturers in getting their products compliant with the relevant regulations, ensuring products are safe to use and to ensure the safety of the general public, particularly for drinking water products. Kiwa have also opened opportunities for pump industry manufacturers to sell their products across the world, as Kiwa have helped with international certification requirements. One of the key areas of support is the significant change in the landscape of ways to demonstrate compliance with Water Regulation 4 and the technical aspects surrounding this - KUKreg4, the hygienic requirements BS6920, and the introduction of the European DWD.

SPP PUMPS: Machine Shop Team - 'The Future Cell'

Recognising the local and national skills gap, the SPP Machine Shop designed and implemented a machining training cell - ‘The Future Cell.’ Providing apprentices and those wishing to retrain or further train the opportunity to learn from experienced machinists while working on real life pumping products and projects. The Future Cell provides access to conventional and CNC machines along with CAD CAM software and exceptional training from our highly skilled and experienced machine shop team.

SULZER: Academy for Pumps and Systems

The Sulzer Academy provides professionals with the knowledge and skills to excel in the field of pumps and systems. With Sulzer's training, engineers can learn how to increase the efficiency and reliability of pumping equipment, as well as extend its life. The Sulzer Academy is dedicated to staying at the forefront of the pump industry by updating and refining its training material based on industry requirements and adapting its delivery methods to incorporate the latest in audio-visual technology.

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Sabrina Magistro, BAKER HUGHES

Sabrina is reimagining the pump technology. She invented a fast and agile routine to define efficient impeller profiles, load driven, accurate in fatigue analysis that reduced by 30% computation time and allows 15% reduction in mass. This tool fits with innovative material tailored for 3D printing, achieving more efficient blade geometries and moving beyond the current references. Sabrina is a talented engineer, versatile and inclusive; her achievements reflect a continuous professional growth which will project her towards the industry of the future.


Darragh Carroll, CAMPION PUMPS

Darragh joined the Campion team in 2017 as an Electrical Instrumentation Apprentice. Darragh has shown exceptional drive and ambition by immersing himself in the industry, learning and understanding the trade. Darragh has a natural flare for technology and has excelled in his training. He has consistently demonstrated his problem-solving skills in identifying innovative solutions to complex problems. Focussing his career on PLC systems and control panels Darragh is senior engineer in the Campions Instrumentation Department, working to leverage emerging Water Technology to enhance our customer offerings.



Molly joined EagleBurgmann as a Marketing Executive Apprentice in 2022. She has since successfully completed her Level 4 Apprenticeship and in April, Molly will be continuing her studies to undergo a Degree in Digital Marketing. In her role, Molly has organised numerous trade shows throughout 2023, developed content for the UK and Northern Europe, created content for social media and the website and designed literature. She is a driven, team player, solution-oriented person, focused on results.


Adam Ross, LEYBOLD

Since joining Leybold’s UK Service Team Adam has progressed to Technical Support Engineer, supporting customers across EMEA.  He is the main point of contact for advising customers and engineers on how to manage their vacuum technology and maximise productivity and efficiencies in accordance with Leybold’s high quality standards. Adam is an outstanding example of innovation, resourcefulness and customer focus within the vacuum engineering profession with his pragmatic approach to challenges, and always committed to bringing practical solutions to complex issues which bring real value to customers.


Ben Warren, SPP PUMPS

Ben started at SPP Pumps as a machining apprentice and has been instrumental in implementing SPP’s Machining Future Cell. Ben is successfully delivering a first-class training programme to SPP apprentices whilst also completing productive work through the cell, delivering a payback on investment in half the forecast time. Ben’s technical and leadership skills are outstanding and combined with his commitment to producing quality product and nurturing talent, he is a key member of the SPP team.



Kia Mousley began at Sulzer as an Apprentice Service Engineer. After 5-years he progressed to a Key Account Manager role for the Anglian Water account. Excelling in technical tasks and customer management, Kia's journey reflects dedication and initiative. Notable achievements include overseeing major projects, like the Pyewipe STW ASP aeration upgrade, Moulton Chapel full wet well refurbishment, and innovating customer engagement strategies. Kia's ambition and commitment make him an invaluable asset, driving Sulzer's success.



As part of the Application Engineering team, Jack is responsible for providing support to customers through quotations and technical knowledge for peristaltic pump applications. The role interacts with multiple facets of the business to ensure the customer gets the best proposal to meet their requirements. Jack’s openness and willingness to engage with all required parties to achieve the correct goal for the customer is something that stands out in his day-to-day work.


Brooke Wheater, VERDER

Brooke started her journey as an apprentice and has grown into a valuable asset to Verder. As a key member of the internal sales team, Brooke specialises in quoting spares for pumps and handling customer queries. Her role involves a deep understanding of the products offered by Verder across the 11 house brands the UK division represents. Her journey from apprentice to a vital team member reflects her dedication and commitment to her work.

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