Lifetime Achievement Award

Awarded to the individual who, in the opinion of the BPMA, has made a significant and consistent contribution the pump industry over the duration of their working career.



Our recipient this year, has spent his entire working life, some 45 years, in the Pump Industry. This begun following his return to the UK having served 2 years in the British Antarctic Survey Team on South Georgia working as a Meteorologist.  In fact, he was a member of the BAASA Research Team, the organisation which discovered the hole in the O Zone layer. This followed his time at University after gaining 3 separate degrees in Chemical, Electrical & Mechanical Engineering.

A major part of his career has been the work he has undertaken within the Pump Distributors Association. Indeed, he attended the inaugural meeting of the PDA which took place in Whitehall, London on Tuesday 19th February 1985. As the role of the PDA in the UK broadened, he held the office of Chairman on two separate occasions, firstly from 2002-2006, and then again from 2012-2015.  As a member of the BPMA, we are fortunate to also have him as member of our Council.

He has delivered countless best practice seminars to industry over the years and is a much-requested advisor to both his pump distribution partners and his client’s engineering teams around the UK and farther afield. His willingness to share the pump knowledge that he has at his fingertips is the mark of a man who lives and breathes pumps and pump problems.  His technical capabilities, and sometimes forthright stubborn opinions are well documented within the industry he serves.  Primarily known for his pump system design and conversely, pump failure diagnostics, he is a much sought-after pump specification engineer to many customers not only in the UK but also around the world.

The company he serves as Managing Director this year celebrates its 100th Year of trading, and in view of his outstanding dedication and contribution to both his business and the wider pump sector, it will come as no surprise that this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award goes to a third generation Tomlinson, Mr John Anthony Keville (or Tony as most of us know him) of Tomlinson Hall & Co.