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Project of the Year

Awarded for the most innovative pump project, installation or service introduced onto the market within the last 24 months.


KSB and CORNISH METALS: South Crofty Tin Mine

South Crofty Tin Mine ceased tin production in 1998 and the workings were allowed to flood. Approximately 8 million cubic meters of water now needs to be removed in order to adequately pump the mine out and enable resumption of tin mining from the deepest levels. Using innovative techniques and KSB BSX pumps, Cornish Metals have developed an energy efficient method of dewatering the mine. 

Project of the Year - KSB.jpg
PIA 2014-055.jpg


  • ANGLO PUMPS: Old Pump Rebuild, St James Park, London

  • BAKER HUGHES: High Pressure Water Injection Pump

  • BEDFORD PUMPS: Indonesia Flood Mitigation Project

  • CAMPION PUMPS: Wilton Waste Fire Booster Set

  • CORNISH METALS AND KSB: South Crofty Tin Mine

  • HOUGHTON INTERNATIONAL: No Water for Christmas?

  • MENZEL ELEKTROMOTOREN: All from a Single Source - State Water Supply with a Slip Ring Motor with Brush Lifting Device

  • XYLEM WATER SOLUTIONS UK: Pump Replacement Project at Gloucester Docks

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